8 Interesting Parenting News Stories You Missed Today

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8 Interesting Parenting News Stories You Missed Today

Let’s catch up with some of the most amazing parenting news stories today. We’ve got stories about heroic acts to a heartbreaking story of a newborn being murdered.

8. US soldier recreates photo with Dad taken 29 years ago

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Dallas English as a baby with his own father (left) and with his son, Ace (right). (Supplied) via

This could be one of the most touching photos a father could ever have — seeing his son carrying his own son in his hands in exactly the same way.

Air Force Staff Sergeant Dallas English has recreated a photo taken 29 years ago of him as an infant, cradled in his father’s arms, who was also a military man. This time, he took a photo of him holding his own 10-month-old son, Ace, with the same loving gaze to that of his father.

Sgt English uploaded the photos to Reddit and was able to touch more than two million viewers, including his own father. He told ABC News US that he would love it if Ace will also continue the tradition if he decides to join the military someday.


7. Kid encourages other kids to raise money for charity

Parenting News Stories | Stay at Home Mum
Winter Vincent, 10, is inspiring other kids to raise funds for a cause as he has raised over $18k with his Surf To School fundraiser for Waves For Water charity. (Picture: Troy Snook) via

It’s never too early to fight for a cause and what better way to start that cause than doing what you love while helping others?

Winter Vincent, 10, never expected that just by going surfing, he could raise over $18,000 for kids who do not have access to clean drinking water.

His mum, Melanie Koeman said she is proud of her son inspiring other kids to join in the cause. “We love to surf as a family one of Winter’s favourite spots is Indonesia and he quickly learnt that kids are dying from drinking dirty water. He was only nine when he was inspired by the Waves for Water campaign to start Surf to School, where students can raise money for kids in Indonesia and the Mentawai Islands,” she said.

Winter has been named as the ambassador for KidsGive, Australia’s first crowd-funding platform for children. “The website helps kids (learn) how to fundraise. I’m really proud to be the ambassador and to be able to help other kids,” he said.

Visit or


6. Surrogate mum gives own sister a child

Parenting News Stories | Stay at Home Mum
Amanda Carass can’t thank her sister, Loretta Farrugia (right) enough for giving birth to her child, baby Alyssa. (Picture: David Caird) via

Having a child is a blessing. Having a sister to “give” you a child is precious.

Two sisters in Melbourne gave a new definition of sisterly love as Loretta Farrugia, 48, became a surrogate for her younger sister Amanda Carass and gave birth to baby Alyssa. She is one of a handful of sister surrogates in the state and one of the oldest.

Amanda lost her baby six months into her pregnancy two years ago. Doctors told her that due to medical complications, she would never be able to bear a child. She was heartbroken with the news as she wanted to have another child. This moment broke Loretta’s heart, too, that she wanted to help her sister, so she decided to do the one thing that could change Amanda’s life forever. “I was more than happy to give up nine months of my life to give her a lifetime of happiness,” Loretta said.

Using in-vitro fertilisation, Loretta got pregnant and later, gave birth to baby Alyssa. Amanda said she felt blessed to have a sister who’s willing to carry her child. “It is a beautiful thing that she’s doing and I can’t thank her enough,” she said.

Baby Alyssa was born five days early at Epworth Freemasons hospital. Amanda said that both her sister and the baby were doing well.


5. Photo of police officer playing with toddler distracting him from trapped mum goes viral

Parenting News Stories | Stay at Home Mum

Policemen are better known for their tough stance. Seeing a police officer get gentle and easy will melt your heart away.

A Ferntree Gully police officer was adored for this photo of him distracting a toddler while other policemen saved the toddler’s mum. The picture has since then gone viral.

This happened around noon on Tuesday in outer Victoria when a pregnant mother attempted to stop her car, containing her son, from rolling down the steep driveway. She was able to stop the vehicle but got trapped underneath the car, breaking her leg and causing several other injuries. Emergency services who arrived at the scene were able to free the toddler from the car first and then started freeing the mum.

While this was happening, a local police officer took time to play with the boy and distract him from the scene by giving him a cute firefighter teddy. The officer played with the young boy for around 45 minutes until his mum was free from harm. Both mum and her son were airlifted to the Royal Melbourne Hospital and are now in stable condition.


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