8 Parenting Stories in One Quick Wrap

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8 Parenting Stories in One Quick Wrap

Start the week right with these amazing parenting stories. Read the story of a woman who used photos of her bruises for campaign against domestic violence, a father who set his own kids on fire and more.

8. Dad Makes Superhero Out of His Wheelchair-bound Daughter in Comic Book He Created

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An artist has created a new face to a comic superhero, inspired by her young wheelchair-bound daughter.

Dan White, 43, wanted to make heroes out of children in wheelchairs after noticing there were no role models for children with disabilities on TV. He decided on turning his nine-year-old daughter, Emily, who was diagnosed with spina bifida, which affects the development of her spine, into an extra strong character who defeats the evil using her flying wheelchair through her crime-fighting team, the Department of Ability.

Mr White said: ‘I love my daughter to pieces and it’s been amazing to watch my creation help her have such a positive outlook on life. I didn’t want her growing up thinking her disability would hold her back in any way.”


7. Mum Misses Out on $20,000 Jackpot Call on TV for Son’s CT Scan

Parenting Stories | Stay at Home Mum

A mum has missed out on a $20,000 jackpot call on a morning TV show because she was with her son in hospital as he underwent a CT scan.

Mum-of-two Cindy Clenton joined a competition on Channel Nine’s Today program that required her to answer her phone with the phrase, “I wake up with Today“.

When the ‘lucky’ call came, she was standing by a CT machine at the Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital as her six-year-old son Noah was undergoing his annual cystic fibrosis assessment to treat his condition which affects the respiratory, digestive and reproductive systems. “I went to answer (the call) and (the specialist) said ‘no, no, no, no! Wait until after the procedure’,” she said.

Mrs Clenton said it was a disappointing miss, but understood that she should abide by the rules. “It would have paid off our debts and we would have finally got a holiday, (but) the rules are the rules,” she said.

A Nine spokeswoman said it was unlikely, under competition rules, that they would be able to revisit Mrs Clenton’s situation. “We were unaware of the details and it’s disappointing,” she said.


6. Expensive Childcare Centre Bans Birthday Cakes

Parenting Stories | Stay at Home Mum

An expensive childcare centre has banned bringing birthday cakes at the campus after some parents complained that too much sugar served have led to sugar overload and some children are being left out due to allergies.

The officials of Only About Children in Surry Hills have decided to stop bringing birthday cakes on children’s birthdays to campus taking into consideration family culture and preferences, health and nutrition, and equality amongst the children. This comes after some parents complained at the frequency of birthday cakes being served on campus and the fact some kids were allergic to egg and dairy. The director suggested that the children could celebrate their birthday instead by making a crown to wear on the day, making healthy fruit smoothies with their classmates or choosing which activities they do.

However, other parents whose children attend the Surry Hills service described the ban as “completely unreasonable”. They said it was a shame that children would miss out on an important part of birthday celebrations because of the concerns of a few.


5. Woman Posts Photos of Injuries from Battery by Her Boyfriend to Raise Awareness About Domestic Violence

Parenting Stories | Stay at Home Mum

A mum-of-two has started a campaign against domestic violence as she posted a photo of her after she was assaulted by her boyfriend, leaving her with two black eyes and a bruised shoulder.

Brooke Beaton, 27, reported the assault to police on August 22 and the next day, called her childhood photographer friend Tiffany Thoelke for a planned photo shoot. Ms Thoelke took shots of Beaton and posted the pictures on her Facebook page, along with a message about raising awareness about domestic violence featuring the hashtag, #SilenceHidesViolence. The photos have gone viral since it was uploaded and earned an overwhelming response from other women and men who have survived domestic violence.

Her boyfriend of four months was arrested for domestic aggravated assault and interference with emergency communication, when he stopped her from calling for help.


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