9 Interesting Parenting News Stories You Missed Today

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9 Interesting Parenting News Stories You Missed Today

Want to check out the most incredible parenting news stories today? We’ve got inspiring stories such as a girl saving her sister to a shocking story of a newborn abandoned in a toilet.

9. Young Girl with Down Syndrome, a Hero for Saving Sister from Drowning

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A girl with Down syndrome has saved the day for her family after she jumped into a pool to rescue her three-year old sister from drowning.

Mum Tomarra Richardson and her family were going back inside their house after swimming when three-year-old Jac’Lynn went over to the pool unnoticed. She tried to get to her swim tube but went straight to the bottom of the pool. Perhaps out of instinct, Carin, 12, jumped into the pool and pulled the toddler to safety. The toddler was then sent to the hospital and luckily recovered very shortly.

Her mum told ABC 12 how proud she is of her daughter. “Carin definitely reacted really fast. I mean, she wasn’t really scared at all,” she said.


8. Parents of Girl with Rare Genetic Condition Make ‘Visual Bucket List’ for Daughter While She Can Still See

Parenting News Stories | Stay at Home Mum

Parents of a five-year-old girl with a rare genetic condition that degenerates over time are slowly kicking off their ‘visual bucket list’ for their daughter while she can still see.

Elizabeth Myers was diagnosed with Usher syndrome type II, a condition that is characterized by hearing loss from birth and progressive vision loss that begins in adolescence or adulthood.

Her parents Steve and Christine Myers created a list of the things their little girl needs to see such as landmarks like the Grand Canyon, Niagra Falls, Yellowstone National Park. They also included simple things, like looking at the night sky and sunsets on the beach. They hope that their list will be completed in the next five to seven years.

Mr Myers said it was through genetic testing that they learned of little Elizabeth’s condition, which was suggested by her doctor after she was diagnosed with hearing loss. He urges other parents who notice vision or hearing loss in their children to have them tested.


7. More Children’s Paracetamol Recalled for Bottle Lid Defect

Parenting News Stories | Stay at Home Mum

More children’s paracetamol were recalled after learning that its bottle lids can break when opened.

The Therapeutic Goods Association has issued a recall of certain batches of Pharmacy Care and Pharmacy Choice brand children’s paracetamol, while a batch of Pharmacy Choice Ibuprofen Children’s medicine is also being recalled.

Parenting News Stories | Stay at Home Mum

The advisory says grooves on the 200ml bottle lids can splinter, which can be a choking hazard to kids.

Last July, a number of batches of Chemmart, Pharmacy Choice and Terry White Chemists children’s pain reliever products were also recalled for the same reason. Anyone who was able to purchase the medicine from the affected batches may return the bottle to their pharmacist for a refund or replacement.


6. Young Couple Delivers Own Child After Hospital Sends Mum Home, Saying ‘It Was Too Early’

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A young woman was forced to do a home birth after the hospital she went to while in labour sent her home because ‘it was too early.’

Caitlin Neels, 21, went to Gladstone Hospital on Saturday after feeling contractions. However, the hospital sent her home because she was only 2cm dilated. Two hours later, after feeling severe pain, she called the hospital again but was told that it was still too early. However, on Sunday at about 5:10 am, Ms Neels gave birth to baby Luca, with her partner, Levi Szily, who was forced to deliver the baby.

Baby Luca had his neck wrapped with umbilical cord and wasn’t breathing at first. So Mr Szily wrapped his son in a towel and rubbed his back. Then the baby cried. Five minutes after the couple delivered their own child, the paramedics arrived and Mr Szily cut the cord. “I was disappointed when (the hospital) told me I couldn’t come back since I had difficulties during the pregnancy. At the start, he wasn’t growing properly and they were doing constant scans because he had an irregular heartbeat,” Ms Neels said.

Gladstone Hospital obstetrician Dr Simon Tyrell apologised for what happened and swore to review the facts of her case. He did say that the early stages of labour could sometimes last for days and admitting expectant women in hospital for that time did not change the chances of complication.


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