9 Interesting Parenting News Stories You Missed Today

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9 Interesting Parenting News Stories You Missed Today

Here’s a wrap-up of the most captivating parenting news stories today. Read the story of a mum who danced her labour pains away, a toddler accidentally killing his father, to a report on sexually abused children in residential care.

9. Mum Dances Her Labour Pains Away in this Hilarious Viral Video

An expectant mum has handled labour pains in a rather entertaining way — by dancing it out!

Mum Yuki Nishizawa was in labour with her second child when her husband Connell Cloyd filmed her doing various dance movies like the butterfly, side shuffle and “Tootsie Roll.” She even exclaimed, “Water is breaking!” at one point. Earlier in the evening, Mr Connell posted another video of his wife dancing to “Cupid Shuffle” along with the caption, “Prenatal ritual!”

The “Tootsie Roll Dance” video has now racked up to over four million views that got some expectant mums thinking, that is how you do the ‘labour dance.’


8. Girl Born With Rare Genetic Condition Runs For the First Time Because of Prosthetic New Blades

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A young girl, who was born with a rare condition affecting her legs, has fulfilled her dream of running after she was given special prostethic legs.

Four-year-old Ellie Todd has tibial aplasia ectrodactyly, a genetic condition which caused the larger bone in her lower leg to never form. Because of this, she underwent surgery when she was 15 months old and depended on prosthetic legs to walk but her mum, Miranda Todd, could never find ones that allowed her to run, which are also expensive.

Ms Todd told TODAY USA that the hospital that provides prosthetics to Ellie said they don’t do running legs for kids until at least age seven, because they are too hard to balance in and little kids, they said, ‘can’t do it’. “I was pretty sure she could, and I was right,” she said.

Through an online community Momastery, which Ms Todd sought for help, Ellie achieved her dream of running, after strangers poured in money to purchase her running legs in just 24 hours.

Ms Todd said Ellie was thrilled when she put on her new blades. “It has been a humbling experience, and a great honour to see so many people, perfect strangers, caring about and rooting for my daughter,” she said.


7. Walmart Store Refuses Mum to Print Breastfeeding Photos Saying “Nipple Was Showing”

Parenting News Stories | Stay at Home Mum

A mum was refused to print photos of her, breastfeeding her daughter in a Walmart in New Hampshire, because the store said they were “inappropriate” and that a “nipple” was showing.

Mum Iris Litterio told Yahoo Parenting that she has asked photographer Jennifer Luna to commemorate her journey of nursing her now 15-month old daughter. Ms Luna, who is also a nursing mother, offers photo shoots to breastfeeding mums because she believes that there’s nothing like a bond between a mum and her child during breastfeeding. “You only have a few months, or maybe a few years, of your child’s life that you do this. You will never see this look in their eyes again, and that’s what I want to offer,” she said.

However, when she went to print the photos at Walmart, in order to use them for a poster to raise breastfeeding awareness at a local latch-on event, an employee told her that it’s against company policy to print photos as such because a “nipple” is showing. Ms Luna defends her photo saying, that “the nipple is inside the child’s mouth.” She then asked to speak with the store manager, who also said the same, despite her attempts to explain that the pictures were for a good cause. She eventually had the pictures printed at Staples, where she encountered no issues.

When she lodged the complaint on Walmart’s Facebook page, she was told that employees had the right to refuse to print any photos they deemed “obscene and indecent.”

However, Erin Hofmann, a Walmart spokesperson, says the retailer has since reached out to Ms Luna and apologised for her experience. “There was a newer associate who was operating under misinformation. We do have policies in place that prevent us from printing certain types of photographs, but breastfeeding does not fall under that category,” she said.


6. Man Confronts Mum For Leaving Child Inside Car in Hot Weather

A man can’t stand the sight of a child being left alone in a car under a hot weather, so he confronted the boy’s mother in a video that since went viral.

The video was taken by Carl Paz who was walking past a phone shop in California when he saw a baby boy alone in the back of a car parked under the heat of the sun. He said that it was 27 degrees at the time and the car has no airconditioning system. In this video, Mr Paz was seen confronting the woman why she has left her child inside the car. The mum answers that she can see her child and he’s not crying. “I don’t know who you are to sit here and tell me,” she adds.

A store employee then defends the mum, telling Mr Paz that the mum only just came into the store. However, Mr Paz is not buying it, saying it doesn’t make a difference and continues to criticise the mum who tells him he can call the police if he’s so concerned. “I don’t want to call anyone”¦..but as a good parent I would go out there and be like maybe I’ll go check on my baby,” he says. He was then asked to leave the store because of some bad words he threw at the mum. Mr Paz uploaded the video to Facebook which earned positive comments from users commending him for his act.


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