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A Mother’s Heartache After Five-Year-Old Girl Raped By Her 12-Year-Old Half Brother

A mother has shared her heartache after she was told by her five-year-old daughter she was raped by her 12-year-old half brother and was bribed with sweets to keep quiet.

The mother gave the heart-wrenching account, in court, of the terrible trauma her daughter suffered from the age of four when she was repeatedly raped by the girl’s half brother.

She revealed that her daughter begged her to help her stop crying after the harrowing ordeal. “This was harrowing. She cries for half an hour and won’t let me cuddle or comfort her. At one stage, she cried uncontrollably for 45 minutes. Sometimes, she says “How do I stop crying Mummy? Help me, help me,'” she said in a statement.

The Brighton Youth Court heard that the boy raped his sister during games of hide and seek at her home when she was just four and he was 12. He then bribed her with Skittles to keep quiet.

The mother said that her daughter told her about the incident, which happened in spring last year, while she was in the bath.

The girl showed her mother a doll to show how she had been abused, then her mother called the NSPCC who contacted the police.

Five-Year-Old Girl Raped By Her 12-Year-Old Half Brother | Stay at Home Mum

The mother said that it hurts to see her daughter in trauma after the horrific experience. “I saw what I can only describe as shadow come across my child’s face. That shadow returns every time his name is mentioned. She was waking five times a night with night terrors.

“She still wakes crying and calling to me. She has suffered separation anxiety. She panics if I leave her for even a couple of minutes, if I just move into a different room.

“It has been devastating to witness her distress. She had to be prepared for a day in court and had to relive her trauma,” she added in the statement.

As the court considered how to deal with the now 14-year-old boy, the girl’s mother was told they would have to wait longer for justice.

“Unfortunately I know there will be more difficult times to come. Long term she will have to deal with the repercussions of her traumatic experiences for the rest of her life. I’m so scared for her future. Even once the court process is over this goes on for her,” the mother said.

The boy initially denied the crimes but changed his plea during the trial to one count of rape and sexually assaulting the girl. He was then found guilty of a second rape, forcing his victim to wait more than a year and a half for justice.

District Judge Tereza Szagun said she found the mother’s statement ‘heart wrenching’ but thought the boy should face a stiffer penalty than the 24 months in custody maximum sentence the youth courts can issue.

The court was told there were ‘factors that were aggravating in a case that was already serious’.

The boy was released on bail until he is sentenced at Lewes Crown Court next month.

Source: Dailymail.co.uk

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