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  • Cray Cray Anti-Vaxxer Gives Reasons for Her Shit Decision

Cray Cray Anti-Vaxxer Gives Reasons for Her Shit Decision

A mother-of-five who has refused to immunise her children has revealed the reasons why she is an anti-vaxxer.

While most mothers see vaccination as their baby’s line of defense against killer diseases, Sarah Mycroft, 40, from Wagga Wagga in south west NSW, thinks otherwise.

Sarah said that while she ‘wants what’s best’ for her children’s health, she still made the decision not to vaccinate her children after having her first baby.

“I see my babies as pure beings and the idea of injecting anything foreign into their perfect bodies scares me to death,” she told Daily Mail Australia.

“I never thought about whether I would or wouldn’t vaccinate before I became pregnant – but when someone says they are going to give my baby a shot for Hep B my gut instincts say ‘no way’,” she said.

Anti-Vaxxer Mum Reveals Why She Refuses To Get Her Children Immunised

Sarah, who became The First Woman to Run Around Australia, says her children – Sky-Blossom, 11, Austin, eight, Phoenix, four, two-year-old Angel and 10-month-old baby Kaiser – are healthy and happy. “They get runny noses and the occasional fever but that is normal, they have never got any of the things they could have been vaccinated against,” she said.

She explained that another reason she doesn’t want to immunise her children is that no doctor has ever assured her that vaccinations offer 100% protection from illnesses. “No doctor can tell me that the vaccination will be 100 per cent effective and none are willing to sign a waiver saying they are 100 per cent safe,” she said.

Since her decision, Sarah said that doctors and nurses have been ‘pressuring’ her about vaccination. “Once, in hospital for an unrealated issue, I had seven doctors surrounding me in the early hours of the morning putting extremely heavy guilt on me for my choice. If they were 100 per cent safe and effective then I’d be the first person to line up there – but I don’t want my perfect babies being given something that could hurt them,” she said.

Anti-Vaxxer Mum Reveals Why She Refuses To Get Her Children Immunised

Sarah has spoken about her being an anti-vaxxer after it was revealed that unimmunised children may no longer be allowed to enrol in schools in Victoria.

However, Sarah said it doesn’t affect her, but what has an impact on her was when the government decided to make childcare full-price for families with unvaccinated children. “It would cost me upwards of $300 every day just to send the three I have at home to day care – it is unaffordable and has forced a lot of mums to stay home,” she said.

She has since described it as ‘financial bullying.’

“The government trying to deliberately bend the arm of a conscious parent is financial bullying. Parents should have the final say about what goes into their baby’s body, it isn’t the government’s place.

“It is very sad that some parents who have made informed and conscious decisions to not partake in the vaccination scheme to date, have been bullied into submission using financial oppression by the government and had to offer up their child’s veins against their better, free judgement.

“The pressure on parents these days is already enough. I sincerely hope that these heavy handed bully tactics from the government do not cause good families to crack,” she said.

Anti-Vaxxer Mum Reveals Why She Refuses To Get Her Children Immunised

However, Sarah said that while she stands firm in her decision not to immunise her children, she respects mums who allow their children to get vaccinated.

Yet, she believes that her children do not pose any risk to others but said that she is responsible enough to keep her children at home in any event of an outbreak.

“Ninety per cent of my friends do choose to vaccinate their children – and I respect their choice – and am happy that their kids are healthy and seemingly unaffected. It’s just simply not a risk I was brave enough to make.

“I do not believe my child being unvaccinated places any risk on anyone else in the society. If there was too be an outbreak of something going around, I would do what any other responsible parent would and keep my child home until it has passed on by.

“It’s the 21st century. Australian parents should be given back the right to make the choice they think is best for their children and remain respectful of differences throughout our beautiful society,” she said.

Source: Dailymail.co.uk

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