Daddy Grinch Cancels Family Christmas

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Daddy Grinch Cancels Family Christmas

It’s the favoured threat of all parents at this time of year, ‘I will tell Santa…’ Some parents even stretch as far as ‘Christmas will be cancelled!’ But rarely do they follow through – the threat itself is usually incentive enough to improve behaviour.

For one Utah, USA, family; after many threats, and three ungrateful children, Lisa and John Henderson decided to cancel Christmas.

Oh yes.

They cancelled Christmas.

They will replace presents from Santa with service to others, anonymous gift giving and ‘adopting’ grandparents to invite for Christmas Lunch.

On her blog, Lisa Henderson explains they haven’t cancelled putting up decorations or family traditions, but they have cancelled presents, Santa, and stockings. Their letters to Santa will be asking Santa to find someone who needs their presents more.

Lisa describes the uphill battle her and her husband John have faced parenting their three children this year, stating they have been ungrateful and extremely disrespectful. After many warnings and attempts to curb behaviour, Daddy Grinch John suggested they cancel Christmas. And so they did.

They will still participate though, helping out the needy and focussing on what they can give, rather than what they might get.


Presents from friends and grandparents will still be allowed. They have received comments both backing their choice and slamming their decision.

While the Henderson’s cancellation of Christmas has divided her blog followers, given the explosive mix of parenting etiquette and Christmas Grinch-iness, with a few weeks to go, we’re yet to see if they can go the distance and proceed with their plans to cancel Christmas.

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