Doctor Saves Premature Baby’s Life After Hospital’s Power Was Cut In SA Storms

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  • Doctor Saves Premature Baby’s Life After Hospital’s Power Was Cut In SA Storms

A doctor saved a premature baby’s life after a power blackout cut off the hospital’s oxygen supply due to storms that battered South Australia.

The neonatal doctor was praised by SA Health interim chief executive Vickie Kaminski for saving the baby’s life during the sate-wide blackout on Wednesday.

The doctor hand pumped the infant oxygen for 90 minutes when he realised the fuel pump powering Flinders Medical Centre’s backup generator had failed.

Doctor Saves Premature Baby's Life After Hospital's Power Was Cut Due to Storm in SA | Stay at Home Mum

Ms Kaminski thanked the doctor in an interview with the Adelaide Advertiser. “Thankfully, within seconds, the infant was stabilised by our quick-thinking clinician using a manual ventilator,” she said. “Our clinicians at Flinders are in close contact with the family of the patient and are providing appropriate support and information to them as their child recovers,” she added.

Flinders Medical Centre was forced to use batteries that only powered important wards such as the intensive care unit and had to transfer 17 ICU patients to Flinders Private Hospital. Elective surgeries were also cancelled.

When the power went out, hospital lifts across Adelaide has stopped working. Doctors and nurses were forced to work using torchlight.

Hospitals are now working on main power again but elective surgeries were still postponed as the second wave of the storm battered the state yesterday.

Winds of up to 140km/h, the highest ever recorded in its history, struck the city as torrential rain poured down across SA.

The SA Government declared a state of emergency after a cabinet meeting last night, giving the Energy Market Operator control of the state’s energy supply.


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