Doctors Warn Mums Against Knitted Umbilical Ties For Risk of Infection

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Doctors Warn Mums Against Knitted Umbilical Ties For Risk of Infection

Doctors are warning against a ‘fashion fad’ among new mums who dump umbilical cord clamps and prefer using knitted umbilical ties.

New mums in Queensland are trying out a new ‘fashion fad’ using knitted umbilical ties for their babies’ umbilical cords, but doctors slam this trend, calling it “dangerous”, saying the non-sterile materials can cause infection. Brisbane obstetrician Gino Pecoraro warns mums against the DIY clamps.

“I suspect this is merely the latest in a series of fads around childbirth and seems to be more about fashion and wanting to stand out rather than dealing with a real issue.

“My concern with a crocheted or knitted wool device is the potential for infection as they can easily get wet as they become covered in faeces and urine. The plastic ones are sterile, have stood the test of time and are easy to apply. It may well be that a clamp made of something more pliable like a siliconized rubber which would be easier for the mums to look after and that can be explored,” he said.

Doctors Warn Mums Against Knitted Umbilical Ties For Risk of Infection | Stay at Home Mum

However, Brisbane midwife Emma Nolan says infection is unlikely since most parents keep the decorative part outside the nappy. She said she even used one on her own child three years ago, saying it’s not really about aesthetics.

“The traditional plastic clamp is very hard and uncomfortable under the nappy for a newborn and mums just took it upon themselves to come up with a better option,” she said.

Private midwives reported that 80 per cent of women are bringing their own DIY cord clamps to the birth and babies will usually wear them for a week or until the cord stump is fully healed.

Today, tutorials online are available to teach parents how to make different patterns and they can even buy one with personalised designs.


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