Five Children Attack Adelaide Child Care Centre and Cut Up Goldfish with Scissors

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Five Children Attack Adelaide Child Care Centre and Cut Up Goldfish with Scissors

Two 10-year-olds were arrested after attacking a northern Adelaide child care centre, covering its walls with paint and even mutilating the child care’s pet goldfish.

The two children were among the five kids, aged 10 and some younger, who broke into the child care centre on Sunday. The children also allegedly destroyed walls and computers, and defecated and urinated in the room.


However, the vilest of the acts were smashing the child care’s fish tank and cutting up the fish with scissors.

A pet budgie was also reported missing after the attack.

Kindergarten director Jill Rogers was left shaken upon learning the news and said the children were very attached to the fish.


Parents of children attending the centre were also upset with the news. One woman was shocked to learn how young the offenders were, while mum Trinity Scannell said she was disgusted by the lewd acts, and wanted to see the children and their parents face justice. “The parents are definitely accountable for it and they should pay for the damages too. And the children should come back for punishment and do some cleaning,” she said.

Thankfully, people from the community rushed to help by donating replacement books and a new fish tank to ensure the children did not arrive to empty rooms and play areas.

The centre’s insurance will cover the cost of repairing the damage but that will take time.

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