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Intense Moment Police Save Four-Year-Old Boy Accidentally Locked Inside A CarThis Comes After An Eight-Year-Old Boy Nearly Died From Being Locked In Car

This is the heart-pounding moment police saved a four-year-old boy who was accidentally locked inside a car, just a day after an eight-year-old boy nearly died after hiding inside a car and was locked.

Gold Coast police immediately fled to the scene to free a four-year-old boy after his mother accidentally locked him inside the car with the sunshade half open.

The mother was about to take her son out to lunch when the BMW car doors automatically locked after she accidentally left her keys inside.

Police were alerted¬†and worked for almost 20 minutes to save the child, using¬†wire with a porcelain tip to shatter the brand new BMW’s windows.

As the door opens, the boy cries out for his mum.¬†He’s then unclipped, retrieved and released.

Paramedics then assessed the boy who was unharmed.

Royal Automobile Club of Queensland’s Lauren Ritchie said in situations where children are trapped inside vehicles every second counts. “You’re really dicing with seconds and minutes here,” the roadside assistance representative told¬†7 News.

This incident¬†comes just a day after an eight-year-old boy in Melbourne was left fighting for his life¬†after hiding inside his mum’s vehicle and was accidentally locked.

The boy, who was¬†meant to be in a grade 3 class at St Margaret Mary’s Catholic Primary School in Spotswood in Melbourne’s west, was supposed to be dropped off by his mother at the school gates,¬†along with his brother and sister, but the boy managed to sneak at the back of the car and hid inside the vehicle.

The mother, who had no idea that her son was still in the car, proceeded to her workplace at another school in nearby Newport, at Maddox Road.

Around eight hours later, about 3pm Monday, when she returned to her car, she was shocked to find her son unresponsive on the back seat where temperatures reached 34C.

Fire crews and paramedics were called to the scene and helped to get the boy out of the car.

The boy was treated for¬†injuries and was transported into the Royal Children’s Hospital in critical condition and¬†now¬†remains in a serious condition.

Police said they are treating the incident as an accident.

Victorian Health Minister Jill Hennessy has since stressed out the importance of not leaving children in cars.¬†“We know we’ve got to get the message out to parents. Don’t leave your children in cars,” she said.¬†“A child left in a car can easily die. The acceleration of the heat and the significant increase in the temperature inside cars is life-threatening to children.

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