8 Interesting Parenting News Stories You Missed Today

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8 Interesting Parenting News Stories You Missed Today

Do you want to know what parenting news stories are buzzing around today? Read on some of the most interesting stories from probably the coolest dad to a heartbreaking story of a toddler dying in a hospital. 

1. Canadian pilot gives 4-year-old daughter the ride of her life in an aeroplane

 A Canadian father and daughter could make flying in an aeroplane a part of every family’s bucket list as they showed how it can turn fear of heights to absolute fun.

In this video posted over Youtube by French-Canadian pilot Raphael Langumier, Mr Langumier recorded his daughter Lea’s hearty laugh as they sweep through mid-air in some aircraft gymnastics while she was clutched in straps behind him.

“This is the first aerobatic ride of my 4yo daughter. She asked me to go in flight and do inverted things. So, we discussed, review the figures and went to fly,” he said in his Youtube post.

As Lea gives her dad a thumbs up, off they spin and she begins laughing and squealing excitedly. But this will not be her first and last because weeks later, both father and daughter went in on a flying adventure once more.

Now sitting beside her dad, Lea once again flew into the atmosphere in her dad’s aeroplane. But this adventure has a catch! She has to catch a toothbrush placed on the dashboard directly in front of her, while they tilt midair. And this young girl, who is no stranger to aeroplanes, did it with ease.

Mission accomplished! Now, what’s next for this cute toddler?

2. Over 1,000 strangers grant dying mum’s wish to marry childhood sweetheart

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(Photo: Matt Sprake) )via

For UK mum, Courtney, the date, July 6, 2015 became not just an ordinary day as she exchanged ‘I dos’ with her childhood sweetheart — a wish she thought would never see the light of day, thanks to over 1,000 kind-hearted souls who made it happen.

Courtney was just 19 when she was diagnosed with cancer. She endured multiple chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatments and underwent surgery for years. But in April of this year, the doctors say her condition became worse and has only months to live. So Courtney, now 27, decided to do one thing before she dies — marry her chidhood sweetheart, Billy.

Billy proposed to Courtney in November 2013 and set the wedding date two years later, but doctors say Courtney may not be well enough by then. So they decided to marry last week. Upon learning this, a crowd fund appeal on causewish started to raise money for Courtney’s wedding. An impressive 1,017 people heeded to the cause and was able to raise a total of $47,871 AUD.

The UK Mirror reported the wedding to be a big success, with Courtney looking very happy as she walked down the aisle, every inch of pain disappearing as she saw Billy. The report adds that her daughter Dolcie also looked like a mini-bride which Courtney wished since she said she may not live to see her daughter get married. “There was an emotional scene when father and daughter made their own promises to be there for each other after Courtney dies,” the report said.

3. Mum gets cheeky with response to possible questions from people about her twins

Parenting News Stories | Stay at Home Mum
Annie Nolan gets creative with answering questions from people about her twin daughters Cheska and Delphine. (Photo: Facebook/Uncanny Annie) via

Australian blogger Annie Nolan is now nearing the end of her rope as she is being swamped with inquiries from people about her two-year-old twins, Delphine and Cheska whenever they go out.

So while she bursts at the seams, she played it cool and che she posted on her Uncanny Annie Facebook page a photo of her twin inside a double pram, in which a cheat sheet of answers to possible questions people might have about her twins attached to it.

Although she didn’t actually leave the house with the sheet, comments online ranged from saying she’s ungrateful to being a thoughtless mother.

“I REALLY wanted to leave these signs on the pram today”¦ I know people are coming from a great place and are just curious however many can be quite intrusive and after a while it’s just plain exhausting,” she wrote.


4. Mum risks life to give part of her liver to very ill son

Parenting News Stories | Stay at Home Mum
18-month-old Charlie is now recovering well after a part of his mum’s liver was given to him. via

People say a mother would do everything for her child — even risking her own life. For Vanja Joannidis, nothing could be worse than seeing her 18-month-old son, Charlie, in pain.

Charlie was born with biliary atresia, a rare disease that damages the liver in newborns. This has caused his skin to turn yellow, while his stomach was already bloated. He already had a corrective surgery. Now Vanja and husband, Andrew, are left with one option for him to live — a liver transplant.

So, Vanja decided to go under the knife and have a part of her liver given to her child, and she was never happier to have made that decision. Over six weeks since the transplant, both Vanja and Charlie are now recovering very well. Doctors have also told Vanja that her liver will fully grow back by next week as the liver regenerates.

The experience has made Vanja passionate about organ donation and urges people to register as organ donors.

5. Baby girl reacts excitedly after seeing parents clearly for the first time

Seeing a baby in glasses never looked this cute.

This video of a baby girl in the US flashing a big smile after seeing her parents clearly for the first time has gone viral when it was posted on Facebook last month, which got more than 16 million views.

Her name is Piper Verdusco who, at a very young age, has poor eyesight. So when her parents, Jessica Sinclair and Andrew Verdusco gave her new glasses, she got really excited and bright-eyed.

“Picked up her glasses. Went out to eat and put them on her. Her reaction melts my heart,” Jessica wrote.

6. 11 Year-old boy empowers those being bullied

This 11-year-old boy has had it with bullies.

In this video, Logan reads for the first time some comments of bullies to his videos he uploaded in the past. He got comments calling him fat, gay, ugly, retard and others. There was even a comment saying, “I hope he dies.”

But what he said next showed how much stronger he is than bullies. In the video, which has drawn more than 700,000 views, he bravely read the cruel comments that he has gotten and stated his message: “I hope that people don’t bully other people online anymore, and that this helps.”

President Obama’s senior adviser, Valerie Jarrett, took notice of Logan’s video and tweeted: “you are stronger than anyone’s hurtful words. We could all learn something from you and your dad!”


7. Aussie mum fights to get kids back — from her husband

Parenting News Stories | Stay at Home Mum
Sally Faulkner and her kids used to have fun times together until her kids were taken away from her — by her husband. via

Sally Faulkner, mum to two young kids, never expected things to turn out badly with her husband, after she unsuspectingly entrusted their kids to him for a vacation — an idea she will soon regret.

Faulkner, 29, had been living with Elamine, 32, and their children, Lahela, 4, and Noah, 2, in Beirut, Lebanon. But when a car bomb detonated a block from their home, she made up her mind and took their kids and leave for Brisbane. While, Elamine stayed in Beirut where he runs a business but would make visits over the next two years.

He then asked Faulkner to take their kids to a vacation in Lebanon. She knew it was a risk but agreed anyway, saying there was no reason to doubt her husband as he is always accommodating and loving to their kids. She also said he promised to bring them back. On May 27, Elamine and the kids left Brisbane airport. But that would be the last day Faulker would hug her kids.

Faulkner knew there’s a slim chance of getting her babies back by taking the matter to Australian authorities. So she asked friends to rally with her to start a Go Fund Me campaign called Bring Lahela & Noah back home.

On average, two to three children are abducted into or out of Australia by a parent every week.


8. Parents: Toddler’s death a wake up call to hospitals

Parenting News Stories | Stay at Home Mum
15-month-old Leroy’s death may have been prevented if not for hospital delays, says his parents. via

When your kids are very ill, the most rational way to do is to bring them to a hospital. But for parents Kristine and Andre Scott, it was not the wisest decision they have ever made.

The couple is now looking into filing a case against a hospital in Victoria after a coroner ruled that the death of their son, 15-month-old, Leroy, could have been prevented. This, after he contracted a severe bacterial infection that kills one in ten people it contracts, even when treated with antibiotics, says a report in Fairfax.

In 2011, after Leroy wasn’t eating, the couple took him to Geelong hospital and waited for over eight hours just to get attended to by hospital staff, who gave the ill toddler a paracetamol when he had fever and was vomiting. While a bacterial infection is possible, the doctors thought it was a viral infection. So, they did not give antibiotics to the baby. It was only three days later that Leroy was given the antibiotics — a couple of hours too late for the baby boy.

In December, a coroner ruled that the toddler’s death may have been prevented if hospital staff treated the baby boy earlier. However Coroner Jacinta Heffey did not hold doctors responsible.

Fairfax reports that the couple say they are considering legal action not just to gain compensation but raise awareness about hospital delays.


1. Study: Heavier babies at birth more likely to develop childhood cancer

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Ms Peta Steadman just gave birth to daughter, Frankie, who was quite large at over 4 kilograms when she was born. She said doctors told her not to put on too much weight when she was pregnant so the baby would not be too large. via

Expectant mothers, hear this. “The heavier a baby is at birth, the more likely they are to develop childhood cancer,” research says.

Professor Terry Dwyer, executive director of the George Institute for Global Health, said there has been a “significant amount of evidence” which “effectively shows that childhood cancer incidence rises with increasing birth weight”.

Professor Dwyer added that for every increase of one kilogram in birth weight, there was an increased risk of 26 per cent for all cancers. He also adds that after knowing that there is a correlation between birth weight and childhood cancer, they are now closer to finding out what causes childhood cancer because very little is known in this area of science.

Though interestingly, he says the weight of the mother at birth was not a significant factor. Studies show that in the past, Australian women tend to be older and often heavier when giving birth.

Reports say that childhood cancer is the cause of death from disease in Australian children, with three children dying to cancer every week.


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