Mother Distraught After Cruise Ship Leaves Without Her While Children Are On Board

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Mother Distraught After Cruise Ship Leaves Without Her While Children Are On Board

An unidentified couple has been left behind in the Bahamas by their cruise ship after they didn’t return to the ship by the advertised departure time.

A video has emerged of the moment the woman realised the ship, the 144,000-tonne Norwegian Breakaway, was leaving without them.

The video, shot by a fellow passenger named Scott Thomas, shows the woman sobbing and pleading with the enormous ship as it begins to pull out of the dock. According to Scott Thomas’ commentary:

“Apparently she has her kids on the boat and she’s not on there. There’s a guy there, too [the woman’s partner]. That right there is not cool,” he says about the woman.

During the video, the woman collapses on the Nassau pier and starts pleading with the ship. After the video was released, the full story about the couple has come to light, although the pair remain unidentified.

According to the officials on the Norwegian Breakaway, the ship left New York City on the 17th of April for a week long cruise through the Bahamas and Bermuda. It was heading back to New York on the 21st of April in the afternoon, which is when the video was shot. The woman had apparently left the ship and had not returned at the scheduled time. Her husband then took the family’s travel documents, left his two children, thought to be aged 9 and 12, with their uncle and went to look for her. Although the ship went “beyond normal protocol and waiting alongside and additional had an hour for the guest” they eventually had to leave.

Not everyone had sympathy for the mother and her husband, particularly when the ‘all-aboard’ time of 5:30 was so widely broadcast. As the video shooter Scott Thomas noted in his commentary:

“I told you they’d do that [leave]. When they say 5.30, it’s 5.30. Not 5.31, not 5.32. 5.30.”

Other passengers heard in the clip were similarly lacking in sentiment for the women.

“How come her kids are on and not her?” one passenger is heard saying, while another exclaims “Wow! I didn’t think they’d do that”. Passengers noted the ship was making no effort to slow down, and one person even claims that they would have “ran to the end and jumped in”.

According to the company who owns the ship, Norwegian Cruise Line, “travel and lodging assistance” have been provided to the couple, and arrangements had been made for them to be reunited with their children.

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