Mum Tells Of Horror As Stranger Tries to Snatch Her Son

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Mum Tells Of Horror As Stranger Tries to Snatch Her Son

A mother has revealed her horror when a stranger grabbed her six-year-old son in broad daylight while she chatted with a friend nearby.

Mum, Jane Morrison-Allen, from Middlesbrough in the UK, was trying to come to terms with the tragic death of her 19-month-old son, Cian, who lost his battle against cancer, when the incident happened last week.

She and her husband, Mark, faced a new trauma after a stranger tried to snatch their son, Charlie, who has autism.

Charlie was approached by a man at about 4.30pm on Thursday as he played with his siblings and friends near their home in the Pallister Park area of Middlesbrough, when suddenly, a man grabbed him around the collar area and dragged him.

Thankfully, Charlie’s 11-year-old sister, Chloe heard screams and rushed to help.

Mum Tells Horror As Stranger Tries to Snatch Her Son With Autism | Stay at Home Mum

Mrs Morrison-Allen was standing just around the corner, talking to a friend about the fundraising in memory of Cian. She said that Charlie was just out of her sight for ‘only five minutes’.

“Charlie had put his scooter down and was just playing. The man said “Come here son I want to show you something. Chloe saw he had hold of him and was dragging him,” she said.

One of the children who witnessed the incident said the man had been watching Charlie’s four-year-old brother at first, which left Mrs Morrison-Allen terrified and anxious about her children. “I’ve already got separation issues after losing Cian,” she said.

The man fled and local police have appealed for witnesses and information.

The man was described by the youngsters as black or mixed race, in his 40s, wearing a white T-shirt, with a red emblem on the front and writing on the back. He was wearing black tracksuit bottoms or jeans and white, red and grey Nike Huarache-style trainers.


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