Nine-Year-Old Boy Commits Suicide Due to Constant Bullying

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Nine-Year-Old Boy Commits Suicide Due to Constant Bullying

A nine-year-old boy has taken his own life after being the subject of constant bullying.

The family of Jackson Grubb are now struggling to come to terms with their tragic loss after the boy died on Saturday.

His body was found by his sister who headed to his bedroom with a frog she caught in their garden as a special gift for him as she was worried about him, hoping to cheer him up. However, she saw something no child should ever see: her brother had tragically taken his own life.

Nine-Year-Old Boy Commits Suicide Due to Constant Bullying | Stay at Home Mum

Jackson’s family said that Jackson, who studied at Sophia Soak Creek Elementary school, had apparently been unhappy for a long time, being a victim of relentless bullying which led to problems at home and at school.

His family said that Jackson felt unsafe outside their West Virginia home, yet, despite this, Jackson still tried to reach out and make new friends, building a ‘club house’ in his yard, hoping to connect with other kids in the neighbourhood.

Jackson’s grandmother and guardian, Betsy Baber, told that she noticed a change in her grandson during the past weeks. “I was spending time with him, trying to get it out of him. But Jack’s the type that holds things in and I couldn’t get to him,” she said. She added that Jackson had previously tried to stand up to his bullies, but suddenly, he seemed to have given up the fight in the days before his death.

His uncle, Shane Baber also said that his nephew tried to keep his troubles to himself and was reluctant to open up for fear of seeming ‘little’ or weak. “I don’t know what he was thinking. He wanted to spend the night with me for two days and I couldn’t figure out what was going on,” he said.

Now, Jackson’s family are urging parents to help kids be open about their struggles.

“Some kids can talk, some kids can’t. Jack was the kind that didn’t like to talk. He didn’t want to look little. These kids need to know that there’s nothing wrong with being little, it’s being able to tell these kids that they’re being mean. And it needs to stop,” Ms Baber said.

Inside Edition reported that Jackson’s sister posted a touching message to her Facebook page after her brother’s death.

“I miss my baby brother. I wish he was here today. Fly high brother we miss you so so much “¦ and we all love you “¦ STOP THE BULLYING NOW.”


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