Police Investigate Twin Baby Boy’s Death After Home Birth

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Police Investigate Twin Baby Boy’s Death After Home Birth

Police are now investigating how a twin baby boy died after a home birth in Adelaide ended tragically.

Paramedics were called to a home in Fullarton last week after reports of a home birth and they rushed the baby boy to the Women’s and Children’s Hospital, where he died the following day.

A police spokesman confirmed that officers are now preparing a report for the Coroner about the baby boy’s death but would not comment further.

Police Investigate Twin Baby Boy's Death After Home Birth in Adelaide | Stay at Home Mum

The newborn’s death have caused debate between home birth advocates who argue that mothers have a right to choose where they give birth and authorities who claim home births should never be carried out for twins or babies in a breech position.

During an inquest four years ago, which concluded that multiple births were too risky outside a hospital setting, medical experts said home births were an “absolute no” for multiple births because it greatly increased the risk factors for both mothers and babies.

In 2012, Deputy State Coroner Anthony Schapel delivered his findings into the home birth deaths of three infants, including twin Tully Kavanagh, who died in October 2011 during a home birth supervised by deregistered former midwife Lisa Barrett. There is no suggestion, however, that Ms Barrett “” who is the subject of a criminal investigation “” was involved in last week’s tragic death.

Mr Schapel then urged for changes in the law and make it an offence for anyone not qualified as a midwife to oversee a birth and for more education about the dangers of home births in relation to risk factors such as multiple or breech births and premature or late pregnancies.

South Australia’s health policy, which was released in August 2013, states that planned births at home should only be used in cases where there is an uncomplicated, single pregnancy and the baby is in a headfirst position.


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