Your Basic Guide To The Queensland Election

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Your Basic Guide To The Queensland Election

Here is my very basic guide to Queensland 2015 Election, the promises that they are making and we all hope that they keep (hahahah) well you never know! Finding the money once they are in is always going to be a problem, and of course, not everyone will be happy. But sit back and have a read, I have saved you hours of trolling through cyber space and put the 2015 Queensland Election in simple dot point form (which I wished someone had done for me) so we see the promises and pledges without all the other bullshit rubbish that goes with it.

This Election, there are four main parties that will be vying for your attention, and while not all parties have released all of their policies – a strategy I’m sure they think will give them the upper hand – I’ve put together what’s available just now and will update this post when more details become available.

Liberal National Party :

  • Pledged to build up to 22 new schools.
  • Promise to bring down water bills from today, which would wipe $52 off the water bills of one million south-east Queensland families next year and $47 the year after.
  • Hundreds of university scholarships for teaching degrees and free licences for well-behaved drivers would be offered to save them $118.
  • This all sounds great, but depends on the how they can get the money on whether or not these promises will be filled

Australian Labour Party: 

  • Pledge $110 million over four years to create 400 extra nursing positions across Queensland;
  • Promise $9 million over three years to create 45 new school guidance officers;
  • Payroll Tax will be reduced and no new taxes introduced.

Palmer United Party:

  • Pledge to abolish payroll tax to invigorate the state’s economy if elected into Parliament.
  • Promises to put the brakes on the coal seam industry, which he said could poison the water table
  • Reinstate the Upper House in Qld
  • Halt coal seam gas until water table secured
  • Prioritise regional development

Katter’s Australian Party

  • The party would transition the existing Queensland Rural Adjustment Authority (QRAA) into The Queensland Industry Development Bank to increase the threshold borrowed to farmers. This will allow  farmers access to a higher loan amount than what they are allowed at the moment.

I hope I’ve helped you muddle through the Election sideshow to find what they are really saying with my very basic guide. Fellow Queenslanders, what changes would you like to see?


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