Queensland Hospital Staff Now Armed With Body Cameras To Capture Abuse From Public

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Queensland Hospital Staff Now Armed With Body Cameras To Capture Abuse From Public

A pregnant woman has been filmed lashing out at a Queensland hospital staff while demanding a cigarette in one of many abuses staff endure inside the hospital.

In the footage captured using a body camera, the young woman can be heard yelling at a staff at the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital.

“I need a cigarette”¦ You have no idea what s**t I have been dealing with,” she said.

Then, an emergency department nurse asked: “Aren’t you pregnant, 17 weeks?” to which the woman replied: “Am I talking to you s**t? Am I f**king talking to you s**t? Am I? Did I say anything to you?”


This is one of the harrowing scenes that hospital staff endure on a daily basis, which include verbal, physical and sexual assaults.

Because of repeat episodes like this, every security guard on the emergency room floor at the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital now wears a camera the same make as frontline police.


The camera has the size of a mobile phone and is lightweight. It captures video and sound, and the numerous insults and threats of violence hurled at nurses many of them sexual.

Doctors and nurses say the new body cameras are making hospitals safer. “It does tend to cause significant impact on staff, their confidence and anxiety,” Dr David Rosengren said.

Violence towards nurses and other health personnel in hospitals is still a real problem despite community announcements informing the general public of the zero tolerance to violence and abuse of hospital staff.


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