Single Mum Adopts Six Siblings

“It just always felt right, from the first moment I met them, I knew they had a special place in my heart.”

These words were how a single mum described her feelings after adopting six children.

Lacey Dunkin couldn’t contain her excitement after receiving a call asking her to adopt six siblings. With the help of her mum and dad, Jeri and Ronnie Dunkin, the 32-year old became a single mum to Sophia, 9, twins Natalie and Melanie, 7, Kaylee, 6, Lea, 4, and Cecily, 2.

Single Mum Adopts Six Siblings | Stay at Home Mum

She told People magazine:

“They bring me so much joy, and chaos, but life would be so empty and bland and boring without them. It’s an honour to be their mother, they melt my heart.”

Ms Dunkin said the thought of adopting a child dawned on her when she was 25. She said that she didn’t need to be married to be happy, yet she would want to have children. So, in 2011, she underwent a Californian certification process to become an adoptive parent, and three months after finishing it, a social worker called her about emergency foster care for four sisters, Sophia, Natalie, Melanie and Kaylee. The girls had another sister at the time, Lea, who was a baby and was sent to someone who could look after her.

Ms Dunkin didn’t hesitate.

However, nine months later, the girls’ birth mum wanted her children back; including Lea. Ms Dunkin agreed and she just went for visits, but “a little over a month later”, she was then asked if she would be “willing to adopt all five girls.” She definitely agreed and the adoption process took place.

However, during the process, the birth mother found out she was pregnant with a sixth child. “This was my children’s sibling, so it wasn’t even a question for me to take her in too,” Ms Dunkin said.

The youngest girl, Cecily officially joined the family in March last year.

Single Mum Adopts Six Siblings | Stay at Home Mum

Ms Dunkin shared her story on Facebook aiming to raise awareness about foster care and adoption.

“I have so much love for them. We are so, so proud of them. I wouldn’t trade the six of them for anything. I am so honoured to be their mother,” she said.


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