Wife Beaten By Husband Just Weeks After Giving Birth

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Wife Beaten By Husband Just Weeks After Giving Birth

*Trigger Warning – Distressing Content*

A mother has shared how her husband beat in front of their newborn son and just two weeks after giving birth to raise awareness on domestic violence.

New mum Prosper Ortega, 23, never expected this horrific experience to happen to her as she married her “handsome and charming” husband, Aaron Uchietel and how she was so happy to be pregnant with his baby.

Wife Beaten By Husband Just Weeks After Giving Birth | Stay at Home Mum

However, in just a matter of six months, her life turned upside down as she is now recovering in Grady Hospital from serious injuries obtained by unimaginable acts of domestic violence.

Police reports say Prosper was held captive by her husband in their Atlanta home for four days, where she was beaten, burnt, raped, drugged and nearly blinded by attacks that were done in front of their two-week-old son, Ari.

Her family have shared the images of her injuries, saying, “As horrible as these photos are, domestic abuse has to be exposed in order to ever stop it.”

Warning: Graphic Images

Wife Beaten By Husband Just Weeks After Giving Birth | Stay at Home Mum

11 Alive reported that the attacks happened after Aaron threatened to leave with their baby. Then the situation became violent that Prosper broke a window and tried to run away, but her husband tied her to their bed, cut off her hair, and attempted to rip out her teeth.

Her mother, Fawn told Fox 5 that her daughter was almost dead when she arrived at the house four days after the attacks.

“Her nose is broken and she can’t breathe through that, and her lip was so severely bitten that it was puffed out. He’d raped her and her throat was just so swollen she couldn’t breathe out of (that) either “¦ her face was so traumatised. He’d beaten her with the backs of his elbows across her ears, he’d poured hot water into her ears, he was drugging her so much that she was near coma. When the ambulance came and got her her lungs were collapsing,” she said.

“Her ribs are broken. He beat her ribs and breasts saying her milk was useless and she was worthless “¦ He tried to blind her so she couldn’t see her baby, he tried to make her deaf so she couldn’t hear him crying for her,” she said in another interview.

Prosper said that she saw a glimpse of her husband’s anger problems last November, when they had a bad fight that Aaron was made to take an anger management class. Fawn said Aaron had responded well to the program that it was shocking he would inflict such terrible pain to his wife after only a few months.

Wife Beaten By Husband Just Weeks After Giving Birth | Stay at Home Mum

Due to the horrific pain she endured, a Go Fund Me account that was created for Prosper and her son, has raised over $57,000 to help them.

According to the page, “Doctors are uncertain about the condition of her eyes or if she will ever be able to see again. It will require extensive medical procedures plus months of physical and mental therapy to even begin  to rebuild her life. At the same time, her baby will have to be cared for by others, instead of his mother.”


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