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I’ve always been fascinated by real life princesses.

Growing up, I knew more about Grace Kelly than Cinderella. But enough about me – are you curious about their lives as well? Real life princesses seem as if they already look glamorous upon waking up, but they look a million times more glamorous on the day the whole world fixes its eyes on them: their wedding day.

Ever wondered about real life princesses’ wedding gowns? We fantasise about them, all the time!

Real Life Princess Wedding Gowns

1. Queen Elizabeth II

Real Life Princess Wedding Gowns
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Real Life Princess Wedding Gowns
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Probably the most amazing factoid about then Princess Elizabeth’s wedding dress is how the material had to be purchased using ration coupons! It was designed by Norman Hartnell and is said to had been inspired by Botticelli’s painting, “Primavera,” in 1482.

2. Lady Diana Spencer

Real Life Princess Wedding Gowns
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One of the most famous dresses in the world was worn by one of the most loved princesses to ever grace this planet, Princess Di. The iconic wedding dress was made with ivory silk taffeta and antique lace and was then valued at £9000.

3. Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge

Real Life Princess Wedding Gowns
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Sarah Burton, the creative director of fashion house, Alexander McQueen, designed Kate Middleton’s wedding gown. Everything about the dress was kept secret until the day of the wedding itself, making it one of the most highly anticipated dresses there is.

4. Mary Donaldson, Crown Princess of Denmark

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Uffe Frank, a Danish fashion designer, created Mary’s simple but elegant wedding dress. Her veil was the same veil used by Crown Princess Margareta of Sweden. It was passed on to Ingrid, Queen of Denmark, which she then passed on to her daughters.

5. Princess Sofia of Sweden, Duchess of Värmland

Real Life Princesses Wedding Gowns | Stay At Home Mum
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reminiscent of Kate Middleton’s own gown, Swedish designer Ida Sjöstedt created this wedding dress for Princess Sofia of Sweden. Interestingly, the low cut of the back let her lovely star-shaped tattoo show.

6. Princess Madeleine of Sweden

via dailymail.co.uk
via dailymail.co.uk

Made with pleated silk organza and ivory Chantilly lace, Madeleine’s Valentino dress was surely fit for a princess. The meticulous details and the dainty accents make it a perfect match for her bright and pleasant personality.

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