5 Essential Tips for Choosing Flower Girl Dresses

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The role of the flower girl is one of the cutest roles in the wedding, and one of the best parts of arranging a flower girl’s role is picking out a flower girl’s dress!

Flower girls only dresses range from miniature wedding gowns to beautiful pink numbers and so much in between!

Only girls who have been flower girls know just how much fun it is to pick out a pretty, frilly dress to wear walking down the aisle, whilst tossing flowers, at someone’s wedding. The following are 5 essential tips to keep in mind when choosing flower girl dresses.

One of the most important decisions to make about a flower girl’s dress is the colour. Do you want the flower girl dress to be white, matching the bride’s wedding dress? Do you want the flower girl dress to be the same colour as the bridesmaid’s dresses? Or something else entirely? If you don’t have any particular opinion about the colour, ask the flower girl what colour she likes best! That will sure be the way to make their day.

Also remember it isn’t that important for the flower girl to match the bridesmaid’s dresses as they have a presence of their own as they walk down the aisle.

5 Essential Tips for Choosing Flower Girl Dresses

Tip #2: Plan for the flower girl to grow into the dress

If you are ordering your flower girl dress in advance, don’t get one that fits ‘just right’ because unless your wedding is just a month or so away, the chances that the flower girl will have grown out of the dress are pretty high. Believe me I know – my chosen flower girl grew so quickly in the 12 month lead up to my wedding. Make sure you get the dress a size big, and you can alter it down if necessary before the wedding. Remember, it’s always possible to make a dress smaller to fit the flower girl—it’s not possible to make a dress bigger without heavy alterations. 

Tip #3: Consider the season when choosing style

When you are choosing the style of the flower girl dress, make sure you carefully consider the season. If it’s warm, keep the dress sleeveless or short sleeved at the most; if the wedding will be outside, make sure that the fabric is light and breathable. Likewise, if it’s a winter wedding, consider a dress with a cardigan that can be taken off in case the flower girl gets too warm but which can be used to keep out the winter chill if necessary.

Tip #4: Go tea length for younger flower girls

If the flower girl is on the younger side, opt for a tea length dress since they won’t be able to trip on the bottom of the skirt and are less likely to have a wardrobe or aisle malfunction. If the flower girl is on the older side, tea length works too—but you can consider longer gowns since they aren’t as likely to run around in them and a longer gown can actually be flattering and all grown up at the same time. 

Tip #5: Keep the neckline high

You don’t want any wardrobe mishaps with a young one —especially ones caught on video or photo in the middle of the ceremony where they can’t easily be fixed—so make sure the neckline on the flower girl dress is high enough to sit perfectly along their collarbone.

If you’re looking for flower girl dresses I hope the above 5 tips have given you some good advice and good luck on your special day.

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