88 Gift Experiences for Dads on Christmas Day (Page 3)Swim with sharks, skydive or race rally cars!

Victorian Based Fathers Day Experiences

Sandown Raceway V8 Hot Laps

Nothing shakes the body like the roar of a V8 race car, and nothing stirs the soul more than a session of hot laps in a V8 six-speed Commodore or Monaro around Melbourne’s legendary V8 race track, Sandown Raceway.The Sandown Raceway V8 drive day begins with a briefing conducted by experienced race drivers. During pre-drive tuition, your driver will explain techniques on cornering, apexes and exiting, efficient braking and acceleration, steering, gear changes and general car control. Safety and track awareness will also be discussed. There’s plenty of time to ask questions so you’ll feel completely comfortable before putting V8 race car theory into practice.

  • You drive a V8 Race Car for 4 laps AND ride for 3 laps
  • Most powerful 450hp V8 race cars available to drive in Australia!
  • Real race car driver/instructors in the car with you
  • Supercar 6-pot brakes, racing slicks, Bilstein suspension and Racing gearbox handles like a real V8 Supercar

1-Hour Supercar Experience

What could be better than driving a Ferrari on the streets of Melbourne? How about you driving aFerrari and a Lamborghini around Melbourne!

This is an amazing experience allowing you to sample two of the world’s finest super cars. You will drive a specially selected route on a mix roads. A must for all car fans!

  • 30 minutes driving a Ferrari
  • 30 minutes driving a Lamborghini Gallardo
  • An experienced instructor to guide you on your way
  • No security bond required

Helicopter Scenic Flight Through Melbourne City

A stunning 15 minute (approx) luxury helicopter flight from our Melbourne Helipad in the heart of the city, taking in some of Melbourne’s most iconic landmarks.

Flying between the buildings on take-off and landing has been tagged as one of the top 5 arrival and departures in the world. You cannot experience this anywhere else in Australia.

  • Fly between the buildings upon take off!
  • Sights include the MCG (Melbourne Cricket Ground)
  • Melbourne Olympic Park sporting precinct – Home of the Australian Open
  • Albert Park Lake, Station Pier
  • Melbourne Star, Etihad Stadium and Docklands
  • Port Phillip Bay and City skyline

Learn to Fly a Helicopter – 30 Minute Lesson

Experience the thrill of flying a helicopter yourself with a helicopter introductory training flight at Australia’s Leading Helicopter School. Your helicopter introductory training flight will take place in a 2-seater helicopter, a Robinson R22 or Schweizer 300CBi.

At the helicopter training school, you will be introduced to your helicopter instructor and to the dual-control training helicopter. Your helicopter training session will begin with a briefing about what makes a helicopter fly, what the various controls do and what you must do whilst flying the helicopter. Then you’re off on a 30-minute helicopter training flight (flight time measured from step on to step off, time airborne between 20-24 minutes).

Defensive Driving Course

Throughout this Defensive Driver Course in Melbourne, young drivers are strongly encouraged to develop better on-road defensive driving skills and more solid techniques, while more experienced drivers also benefit enormously from advanced driver training, including the correction of old habits and improving judgement and reactions. Whether your choice of vehicle is a small sedan, a large family mover, a sports car or a four wheel drive, training in defensive driving is relevant, enjoyable, and will far improve your skills and ability levels.

  • Full Day Course 8:30 AM to 4:00 PM in your own car
  • Most experienced instructors in Melbourne
  • Perfect for P-Platers, Corporate Fleet and Court Order drivers
  • Learner drivers are accepted provided they have a Licenced Driver with them at all times

Skydiving over The Great Ocean Road

Tandem Skydiving is one of life’s ultimate thrills and a must-do activity on any adrenalin-seekers list!

After a safety and training briefing, you will board the plane and begin your flight to altitude, flying over Bells Beach and the beginning of the Great Ocean Road. At 15,000ft you will exit the plane and the rush really begins – over 60 seconds of freefall at speeds over 200kph! Now that’s Adrenalin! At approximately 4,500ft the parachute is deployed and the whole experience changes as you drift gently back down to the ground. You’ll have around 5 minutes to take in the amazing views of the Great Ocean Road and surrounds!

  • Jump from 15,000ft
  • Over 60 seconds in free-fall
  • Stunning views of The Great Ocean Road

Hot Air Balloon Experience over the Melbourne CBD

Equally thrilling and relaxing, a hot-air ballooning adventure is a romantic and unforgettable experience – especially over the beautiful city of Melbourne. Depending on the wind direction you may make a tranquil hot-air balloon flight over the CBD and the Yarra River, or over the inner suburbs, parks and gardens. The still morning air makes flying conditions perfect during what is known in the hot-air ballooning industry as the “weather window”, a gloriously peaceful time over an often hectic city.

  • Free pick up from accommodation in the CBD
  • Champagne breakfast at The Sofitel Hotel
  • Transfer vehicle from the landing site

Carlton & United Brewery Tour Including Beer

What’s the ultimate gift for the beer lover? A behind the scenes tour of a genuine real working brewery, followed by a selection of specially prepared food that matches perfectly with our fresh, cold beers.

• Behind the scenes at Australia’s oldest and largest brewery!
• See how over 2 million litres of beer is brewed
• Enjoy a beer and food matched meal after your tour
• Departs 12:00 PM Friday & Saturday

Boeing 737 Flight Simulator (Melbourne)

This is no game! Our high tech simulators utilise the latest technology to fool your senses into believing you are actually captaining a jet airliner. Flight Experience is similar to the flight simulators that airlines use to train their commercial pilots, and its 100% authentic replica cockpit delivers a total immersion virtual reality environment.

Strap into the captain’s seat, plant your feet on the rudder pedals, clamp the thrust levers and control column… You’ve had a full briefing from your own personal instructor and you’re ready to fly the plane!

  • Melbourne CBD Flight Simulator – 60 Minute City Flyer
  • Fly with the World Leader in Flight Simulator Entertainment
  • Spectacular High Definition (HD) visuals on 180° Curved Screen
  • No experience necessary – over 130,000 totally satisfied flyers

Bush Horseriding at the Mornington Peninsula

This 50 Minute Horse Ride through the Mornington Peninsula Bush is perfect beginners who would like to get a taste of horse riding through some spectacular Aussie Bushland.

This short trail ride takes you at walking pace through Truman’s Bush on the Mornington Peninsula.

If you’ve always wanted to try horse riding this is the perfect experience for you.

  • 50 Minute Horse Ride
  • Instruction and a horse suited to your ability
  • All safety equipment

Sausage Making Cooking Class

Ever wondered how the Italians and Germans make such great sausages? Green Olive at Red Hill is the place to learn the art of fresh sausage making.

We will show you everything about bratwurst sausage making; from the best cuts of meat to use, how to grind meat, herbs and seasonings to use, how to fill natural sausage casings and then explore different ways to cook sausages. You will use spices and our fresh garden herbs to individually season your own batch of sausages.

  • Learn from a professional chef
  • All produce and equipment supplied
  • Apron and course notes to take home
  • Glass of wine and a farm roasted coffee
  • Lunch and wine tasting

Phillip Island Drive Day (Take Your Own Car)

You’ve always wanted to Drive Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit! Without doubt Phillip Island is the best race track this country has, and YOU can drive it with NO Speed Limits. At last, you can take your own car to Phillip Island to see what it can REALLY do. A Phillip Island Drive Day is your opportunity to drive as fast or as slow as you want in a controlled environment.

Phillip Island Drive Days are designed to be enjoyed by all, whether you’re a first timer, an experienced track day veteran or even on P plates. Cars and drivers are graded into groups based on experience, type of car, and driving ability. Drivers are allocated a minimum of 6 x 15 minute sessions. Track etiquette is to be observed by all drivers to ensure that your drive is both exhilarating and safe.

Cider and Ale Brewery Tour

Our tours are about generous tastings and soaking up the atmosphere of each different venue with a glass of your favourite. We know when it is time to move on when there are more empty glasses than full glasses.

Each tour will stop off at five venues, including brew pubs & restaurants, tastings rooms & beer gardens, who serve up a wide range of range of gins, fruit wines, beers, ciders, kombuchas. The itinerary for each tour is chosen to minimise travel time and maximise customer enjoyment and is unique for each tour. This style of flexible, relaxed touring ensures we are not bound by strict time limitations at each venue and can enjoy an ad-hoc tasting of beers out of the bright tanks; join a cider maker for a taste of their new secret creation or get involved in a gin tasting on the distillery tour with a special guest distiller.

Yarra Valley Tiger Moth Joy Ride

Zip-up your vintage leather flight jacket, lower your goggles and climb into the cockpit of this world famous two-seater plane. Enjoy the thrills of an unforgettable flight over the stunning Yarra Valley!

There is nothing quite like the sound of the prop being turned. The cheerful chug as the engine fires up. The smell of the fuel. The thrill of sitting in the open cock-pit with the wind in your hair.

Which is why we offer you this fabulous chance to take in the beautiful scenery of the Yarra Valley, and in one of the most iconic of aircrafts. If you like flying or have ever wanted to experience a Tiger Moth flight, this is the perfect experience for you.

  • 20 minute flight
  • You will be one on one with the pilot
  • A leather flying jacket & helmet is supplied!
  • Spectators can watch from a viewing location

20 Minute Jet Fighter Flight

Your Mission, should you choose to accept it, is to embark on the most heart thumping, adrenalin filled Jet Fighter Introductory Mission available. Live your Top Gun dream for a day in an L39 Albatros Lead in Fighter Jet. Feel the G-force and speed as your pilot performs aerobatic manoeuvres across the sky. You will begin with a guided tour of the L-39 Jet followed with a full flight mission and safety briefing. Once you are suited up in a full flight suit and helmet you’ll climb aboard the fighter jet and be guided through the start procedures. Feel the power as the jet engine spools up, complete the check-list and prepare to taxi down the runway for take off. 4000 pounds of jet thrust will launch you into the atmosphere. With speeds of up to 910 km per hour the L-39 is the sleekest and most modern jet fighter conducting adventure flights in Australia. Your flight will take you 8000 ft over the beautiful Hunter Valley or nearby coastline.

  • Great viewing area (spectators can see most of your flight)
  • Aerobatic instructor-rated pilot
  • Modern L-39 fighter jet (as seen in the James Bond film “Tomorrow Never Dies”)

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