88 Gift Experiences for Dads on Christmas Day (Page 4)Swim with sharks, skydive or race rally cars!

New South Wales Based Fathers Day Experiences

Bathurst V8 Hot Laps

At last, members of the public can experience V8 hot laps around ‘The Mountain’ – Mt Panorama race circuit, Bathurst. This is the real deal – real V8 race cars, real race-bred drivers, the full circuit at Mt Panorama.
Usually reserved for corporate sponsors and celebrities, this is YOUR opportunity to get a taste of what life is like in a V8 around Bathurst.

First you’ll be greeted for sign in and registration. A safety briefing will follow before you’re fitted for your helmet and race suit and strapped into the V8. Hang on across Skyline, through the Esses and down The Dipper before storming onto Conrod and into The Chase!

Bathurst V8 Hot Laps, 2 Lap Ride - Mount Panorama NOVEMBER 2017 SPECIAL EVENT!

Indoor Skydiving

Go Indoor Skydiving in Sydney! When you skydive indoors you can twist and turn, spin and enjoy all kinds of fun, without the months and months of training involved with outdoor skydiving. AND your family and friends can watch all the action from an all-glass viewing platform just a few feet away!

Powered by multiple fans located at the top of the flight chamber, the vertical wind tunnel produces a wall-to-wall air flow that is indistinguishable from freefalling during a 14,000ft skydive. Professional instructors assist you to make the most of the air flow so you can truly experience the closest thing to human flight.

2 x flights for 1 person in the tunnel
Each flight lasts for almost 1 minute (each flight equivalent to a 14,000ft skydive!)
Minimum Age is 3
Includes training session
Includes flight suit, helmet and safety goggles
Hands-on personal assistance from your instructor
Includes souvenir flight certificate

Sydney Harbour Bridge Bridgeclimb

See Sydney at its best – take the Climb of Your Life with BridgeClimb Sydney. Don’t miss this unforgettable, and uniquely “Sydney” experience.

Absorb a 360 degree panorama of Sydney as you journey to the summit on our original Climb experience. As the sky remains just past your outstretched fingertips, take the upper arch to the peak of an Australian icon.

  • Weekend Daytime BridgeClimb to the summit of Sydney Harbour Bridge!
  • A BridgeSuit, specifically designed for this adventure, is worn over the top of your own clothes
  • A Bridge Fleece, headwear and a Bridge Shell (rain jacket and pants) are available to protect you in all weather
  • A complimentary group photograph featuring all members of your climb
  • Allow 3½ hours for your experience

Supercar Ride

Would you prefer a Lamborghini Gallardo or late model Ferrari? It’s a difficult decision!

Your journey begins when you meet our Supercar showroom, where you will be introduced to your host. Let out your inner paparazzo and take a few memorable photos of your event car as well as the rest of our drive day fleet.

  • 15 minute ride in a late model Ferrari or a Lamborghini Gallardo
  • Experience is for 1 passenger
  • Professional driver in the car with you
  • Cruise in the passenger seat

Jenolan Caves River Tour

This long and exciting cave tour rewards you with a sense of personal achievement. Its many astonishing features make the effort worthwhile. It offers something to amaze everyone.
It features the underground ‘River Styx’ which appears as pools of blue water, including the ‘Pool of Reflections’. This is a deep, illuminated underground lake, whose almost motionless surface produces spectacular reflections.

You will see the huge ‘Queen Esther’s Chamber’, magnificent shawls, such as the ‘Giant Shawl’, and many famous formations, including the ‘Minaret’ (a spectacular stalagmite), ‘Grand Column’ (biggest column at Jenolan) and the ‘Queen’s Canopy’.

20 Minute Jet Fighter Flight (Bathurst)

This Jet Fighter Flight from Bathurst offers a once-in-a-lifetime ultimate thrill which all other experiences will be compared to.

Experience the Adrenaline thrill at over 800km/h and get strapped into the most popular war-bird in the world, the L-39 Albatros Jet. This is THE perfect gift for the thrill-seeker in your life, or a treat for yourself to a thrill ride you will never forget.

  • 20 Minute Jet Fighter Flight
  • You Control the Intensity
  • The Thrill of a Lifetime

Motorbike Track Day – Wakefield Park Raceway

Are you tired of dodging potholes, traffic and speed cameras on your motorbike? Then it’s time you took your bike to Wakefield Park Raceway to see how you can both really perform!

This is a great chance for riders of all levels to get the most out of their bike on one of the best race tracks in Australia.

  • 6 ride sessions in graded groups
  • Dunlop Tyre Facility
  • Suitable for all abilities

V8 Race Buggies – 10 Lap Drive

It’s time to set the dust flying with this awesome Off Road V8 Race Buggy Drive and Ride Experience! Prepare to be amazed by the performance of these awesome Race Buggies powered by a 4 litre Lexus V8 engine.

  • YOU drive for 10 laps
  • 2 full on Hot Laps
  • Expert tuition
  • 4L Lexus V8 engine
    • 4 speed gearbox
    • 15 inch BTR rims with Mickey Thompson Baja MTZ’s
    • Power assisted rack and pinion steering

20 Minute Extreme Aerobatics in a Yak 52

Extreme Aerobatics flight over the Hunter Valley in a Yak 52 Warbird!
Get set for the flight of your life as a professional aerobatics pilot puts the famous Yak 52 through its paces with you in the cockpit!
Experience classic aerobatic maneuvers such as loops, rolls, Immelman turns, Cuban eights, and the stall turn before cranking it up a notch with snap rolls, flicks, avalanches, vertical rolls and spinning.

  • 20 minute Aerobatic Flight
  • You control the intensity
  • Incredible views of the Hunter Valley

Skydiving Over the Beach (Newcastle)

Live the most exhilarating experience of your life…skydiving, the highest, fastest, most spectacular adventure sport of them all! Securely attached to your experienced and professional tandem instructor, you will be guided through your entire skydive.

As the excitement builds, your expert instructor will prepare you for the countdown and together you will make the ultimate jump from up to 14,000ft!

  • Up to 14,000 ft weekend beach skydive
  • Amazing coastal views
  • Great viewing opportunities for spectators

60 Minute Flight Simulator (Newcastle)

At some stage we’ve all wished we could sit in the pilot’s seat of an airliner instead of stuck in cattle class – well now that dream can come true with a 60 minute Flight Simulator Experience in a replica Boeing 737-800.

You will be met by your First Officer on arrival who will take you through your pre-flight briefing where you will learn all the basic controls. You can then customise your flight choosing where you want to fly and the weather conditions. In this 60 minute flight you will able to choose at least 2 different locations for takeoff and landings.

  • 60 minute flight in a replica Boeing 737-800 Simulator
  • Instructor in the co-pilot seat
  • Up to 3 passengers
  • Over 22,000 International Airports to choose from

Image result for Flight Simulator, Newcastle - 60 Minute Flight

Byron Bay Helicopter Scenic Flight

This is an amazing 35 minute scenic helicopter flight over the beautiful coastline surrounding the Ballina area and one of our most popular flights. You find yourself heading to the North over seven mile beach at five hundred feet above the sand.

This flight takes you to Australias most Easterly Point, Cape Byron. As you Round the cape you get an unparalleled view of the spectacular Byron Bay light house. This flight truly showcases why this area is so highly sort after by both overseas tourists and Australians on holiday.

Byron Bay Tiger Moth Adventure Flight

Want to experience a slice of life as a WW2 fighter pilot? Take a step back to the early 1940’s and discover what a young fighter pilot experienced as he climbed inside the open cockpit of a Tiger Moth for the first time. A leather helmet and goggles complete the picture and help transport you to a time when flying was adventurous.
Complete a low level pass over the unspoilt beaches surrounding Byron Bay on your way to Cape Byron, Australia’s most Easterly point.
Feeling adventurous? You can upgrade your flight with an optional aerobatics package on the day. The Tiger Moth was designed as a military aircraft for pilots in WW2 and is capable of all the aerobatic manoeuvres necessary for combat!

Lismore Jet Fighter Flight – Top Gun Mission

The Top Gun Jet Mission is our most popular mission. This 30 minute mission in our L-39 Albatros and includes all the Hot Shot Mission and adds 10 minutes of high intensity fighter combat manoeuvres that simulate the real fight.

Your mission commences with a mission and safety brief before being fitted with a flight suit and jet helmet. A feature of this brief includes an explanation of fighter tactics and manoeuvres that you will perform during the fighter combat experience in this mission.

  • Newest, lowest hour L39 in the country
  • Pilots with 8,000+ hours experience
  • Operating adventure flights since 1997

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