88 Gift Experiences for Dads on Christmas Day (Page 7)Swim with sharks, skydive or race rally cars!

Tasmanian Fathers Day Experiences

Symmons Plains Raceway V8 Hot Lap

Nothing shakes the body like the roar of a V8 race car, and nothing stirs the soul more than a session of hot laps in a track-prepared V8 six-speed Commodore or Monaro around Launceston’s V8 race track, Symmons Plains Raceway.

The V8 drive day begins with a briefing conducted by experienced race drivers. During pre-drive tuition, your driver will explain techniques on cornering, apexes and exiting, efficient braking and acceleration, steering, gear changes and general car control. Safety and track awareness will also be discussed. There’s plenty of time to ask questions so you’ll feel completely comfortable before putting V8 race car theory into practice.

  • You drive a V8 Race Car for 4 laps AND ride for 3 laps
  • Most powerful 450hp V8 race cars available to drive in Australia!
  • Real race car driver/instructors in the car with you
  • Supercar 6-pot brakes, racing slicks, Bilstein suspension and Racing gearbox handles like a real V8 Supercar

Try the World’s Highest Abseil

Tackle the highest abseil in the world with this Adrenalin-pumping full day abseiling experience!Face the ultimate 140m (450ft) abseil, which is the highest commercial abseil in the world!

On the day of your adventure, you’ll be led through basic safety guidelines, and given hints and tips on how to tackle the abseil more comfortably before tackling the big kahuna – the 140m drop! It sounds frightening but the fully qualified and experienced instructors can guide even the most nervous participants to accept the challenge!

The World's Highest Abseil, For 2 People - Tasmania

737 Flight Simulator – 60 Minutes

Do you dream of flying? Well, now you too can take control of a Boeing 737 with our 60 Minute Flight Simulator Experience. Once you are inside the simulator you will soon believe that you are actually flying massive passenger plane!

  • 60 minute experience including up to 3 take offs and landings
  • Multiple surround-sound and vibration systems that provide real-to life sound and feel
  • Genuine 737 crew seats
  • Genuine 737 control columns, yokes, rudder pedals and steering tiller
  • Experienced co-pilot to guide you
  • Free Observer position

737 Flight Simulator, 60 Minutes - Hobart

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