Best Engagement Presents Ever

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Best Engagement Presents Ever

It’s the most exciting time in their lives, they’ve announced to the world they are an official couple. So when you get that engagement party invitation, you better believe the answer is yes to bring a present.

Why have a party if not to get presents. It’s like a baby shower; you wouldn’t turn up to a shower empty handed, would you? You’d be run out of town and never to be invited to a party again.

Same social conventions apply for an engagement party. There is no formal request to bring a present, it’s unspoken, but to say congratulations you generally do it with a gift of some sort. What the happy couple would really like to say. “We have nothing to start our lives together, please bring a token of your generosity to start us off in the world of happily ever after”.

An engagement party is the first in a long series of celebratory gift-giving opportunities. While gifts will never be requested or required at any of these events, you better believe the happy couple are hoping like hell someone gets Morgan & Finch, Sheridan or Barbeques Galore stuff to go out on the deck they plan to build with Bunnings vouchers someone else will buy them.

What to get your happy couple

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At the end of the day big, small or any thoughtful gift is a lovely gesture and it will be very much appreciated. So ladies, never mind what to wear for the party, but what to buy is the question. Take a look at the list below to find out the best engagement presents ever.

Small, cheap, classy or personalised there’s a gift for everyone on every budget. Whether they’re camping pros, decor buffs or winos, get them an exciting and thoughtful gift and you will fast become their best friends.

For the sentimental

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“¢ Personalised cheese board/chopping board
“¢ Framed engagement printable art
“¢ Custom wood wedding signs
“¢ Personalised couple cushions
“¢ Custom made cutlery/I do, me too wedding forks
“¢ Engagement wine labels
“¢ You can just about personalise anything they are into

For the homebodies

“¢ Huge salt & pepper shakers
“¢ Comfy throws
“¢ Artwork
“¢ Cutlery set
“¢ Sheets/towels

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