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10 Chocolate-Free Easter Gifts

10 Chocolate-Free Easter Gifts

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Easter is just around the corner and as much as we love stuffing our faces with chocolate, this year we have decided that, despite what the shops and adverts tell us, my kids do not need a chocolate bunny the size of their head this year.

In most instances, the kids will eat a few bites and then I will give in to temptation and eat the whole damned thing. But not this year. Nope. This year chocolate will not win the battle against the bulge. This year chocolate won’t even get a chance to play.

So, rather than spend money feeding my unhealthy chocolate addiction, below are ten alternatives to chocolate for this Easter. As the school holidays are upon us, any of these gifts will provide me with at least a few hours of sanity and alleviate at least a couple “Mum I’m bored’s.” And, best of all, no chocolate bunnies will be harmed. So without further ado….

10 Chocolate-Free Easter Gifts 

1. Craft Kits

There are so many amazing craft kits out these days, from “Do You Own Nails” Kits to “Create Your Own Money Box.” And Easter is swarming with Easter-friendly crafts for kids that are cheap and fun for kids of all ages.

Some ideas for Craft Kits include:

  • Crystal Growing Kit
  • Tie-Dye Activity Kit
  • Nail Art Kits
  • Origami Kit

Non Chocolate Easter Gifts

2. Furby

They’re BACK!! And creepier than ever. But kids love these battery operated talking monster pets. Oh…and please please please, opt for batteries that last longer than ten minutes to spare the “My Furby won’t work. My Furby doesn’t love me. MUUUUMMMM I NEED A NEW FURBY!” the day after Easter

3. Anything Avengers Related

Avengers is one the latest of Marvel Movies and it’s taking over the toy stores. They make Avengers stuffed Characters, board games, remote controls, collectables – anything really.

4. Lifelike Fur Real Pets

No. No real pets. Toy pets will suffice. There are a number of adorable battery operated options on the market these days with soft fur and life like sounds. And none of them require daily walks, weekly baths or monthly tick treatments.

5. A LeapPad

This is a child’s version of a tablet and perfect for younger kids. My iPad screen is now cracked thanks to my son and my iPhone has constantly covered in peanut butter thanks to my daughter. Both kids are iObsessed with thier LeapPads and have distracted them from my iDevices by giving them their own ones to break. Another toy worth mentioning here is the LeapFrog.

6. Movie Gift Cards

And bonus points if you agree to take the kids to the movies one Saturday so I can stay home and relax….Some of the most recent include: Event Cinemas Gift Card and Cinebuzz Rewards Card.

7. Anything LEGO

With the new LEGO Mixels Skrubz that has come out, you can be sure that most kids will become Legomaniacs, if they aren’t already. So jump on the bandwagon. When choosing LEGO be sure to stick to the age group suggestions on the box. The creations can be quite tricky.

8. Superhero Action Figures

We’ve got quite a few superhero movies coming up this year (Marvel’s The Inhumans, Guardians of Galaxy Vol. 2 and Justice League) and thus any of these smooth talking, laser shooting, light beaming figurines will be loved by any child that enjoys superheros.

9. Board Games

Quiet, calming, peaceful board games. Think Go Fish. Think Guess Who. Think Scrabble. I can almost picture the silence as my kids sit around the table playing with these miracles in a box and not fighting. Well…almost.

10. A Blender

Okay, this one is for me. But I am sure the kids will appreciate it as well.  After all, it’s just not Easter Sunday without my failed attempt at chocolate mousse.

So there you go Nana, Papa, Nona, Nona, Aunty, Uncle and anyone else who enjoys spoiling your little ones and plans on coming over for Easter dinner. These chocolate-free Easter gifts are kid-tested, mum-approved and easy on the thighs.

Just don’t forget the batteries. Or the wine.

What’s Your Favourite Chocolate Free Easter Gift?

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