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The Best Christmas Gifts To Get Kids OUT of the House!

The Best Christmas Gifts To Get Kids OUT of the House!

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The Best Christmas Gifts To Get Kids OUT of the House!

I have two boys and when they were aged 11 and 12 they were obsessed with their screens. So, any Christmas Gifts that will get them OUT of the house – is good for me!

I had the same problem every other parent has when it comes to technology. Mine chuck a spack if I ask them to go play outside or go do something else because they love the computer and they do enjoy it so much.

So no matter what age your kids are, boys or girls – these are some ideas on how to get the kids off the screens and out of the house!!!

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1. A Cubby House

10 Epic Cubby Houses You Can Buy Online in Australia

Remember how fun cubby houses were when you were a kid? Having that special place that kids can have, just for them is a great reason for them to get out of the house and play. There are now some epic cubby houses around (especially if you aren’t handy enough to build one yourself!). 

Plus they do make fantastic Christmas Gifts!

ROVO KIDS Cubby House Wooden Outdoor Playhouse Cottage Play Children Timber Catch com au | Stay at Home Mum.com.auThe Wooden Playhouse Cottage
Price: $369
Stockist: Available in Amazon
Weight: 50kg (comes in two packages)

Let your kids take advantage of precious outdoor time with the Australian Rovo Kids Wooden Cubby House. Weather-resistant, durable and beautifully designed for children to have a place for imaginative play that will last even when the sun goes down.
kids cubby 2 | Stay at Home Mum.com.auOutdoor Kids Cubby Wooden Play House
Price: $279.99
Stockist: Crazy Sales
Weight: 33.5kg
91koEsfagjL. AC SL1500 | Stay at Home Mum.com.auLITTLE TIKES Small Cape Cottage Refresh Playhouse
Price: $199
Stockist: Amazon
Weight: 13.6kg

2. Trampolines

We have always had a Springfree Trampoline – and they are epic!  The boys have loved their ‘tramp’ since they were little and still use it when I force them to go outside.  Great exercise and even the husband can have a go and pole-ax himself!

12FT Trampoline Round Trampolines Kids Safety Net Enclosure Pad Outdoo —  Ados deals12FT Trampoline with Kids Safety Net
RRP: $568
Stockist: Kogan
Weight: 120kg

Take advantage of this Trampoline to the fullest!  Boasting 72-piece triple rate springs for enhanced bounce, the 12-foot trampoline ensures worry-free bouncing. The heavy-gauge steel structure is UV-tested for performance and reliability and is built to handle any rigorous play.
16FT Trampoline Round Trampolines With Basketball Hoop Kids Present Gift  Enclosure Safety Net Pad Outdoor Multi-coloured – TreadmillaustraliaEverfit 16FT Trampoline with Basketball Hoop
RRP: $551.95
Stockist: Kogan
Weight: 150kg

Make use of the Everfit Trampoline’s unlimited bouncing potential. The 16-foot Trampoline’s exceptional bounce facets, which include 108-piece triple-rate springs, allow for worry-free hopping. The heavy-gauge steel structure is UV-tested for quality and durability and is built to handle any rigorous play.

3. Ride-On Vehicles

Ride-on vehicles are so much fun – provided you have somewhere for the kids to drive them.

Lamborghini Aventador SVJ Kids Remote Control 12V MP3 Electric Ride-On Car  | Catch.com.auElectric Ride-On Car

Stockist: Kogan
Weight: 25kg (max.)

This Lamborghini Aventador SVJ Ride-On Car is a great way to introduce your child to steering. Featuring a slew of completely automated functions! They’ll be showing off this sleek and sophisticated beauty to their pals in no time!
12V Licensed VW Beetle Volkswagen kids ride on car with remote - PinkVolkswagen Beetle Kids Electric Ride On
RRP: $329.00
Stockist: Ozsale

Ride-on Outback Car is a great way to introduce your child to the thrill of motoring. Designed to resemble a miniature Volkswagen Beetle, this amusing toy comes complete with a working USB/FM/Bluetooth radio, operational shock absorbers, power displays, brilliant headlights and taillights, and functional double side doors.
Buy Rigo Kids Ride On Car Range Rover - White | Harvey Norman AURange Rover Electric Ride-On
RRP: $584.95 on sale for $284.95
Stockist: Crazy Sales

You can give your kids a taste of luxury with a little Range Rover. Like its real-life counterpart, this toy rover is equipped with comfy seats, LED lighting, backward/forwards maneuverability, EVA wheels, and audio features!

4. Water play

You don’t need to get a whole pool installed to be able to enjoy the water this Summer. Here are some budget options!

| Stay at Home Mum.com.auBestway Steel Pro Frame Above Ground Swimming Pool with Filter
RRP: $369.96

watersplash kogan | Stay at Home Mum.com.auInflatable Water Slide Jumping Trampoline Castle Bouncer Toy Splash
RRP: $525.95

water park | Stay at Home Mum.com.auInflatable Water Park Blow up Slide Jumping Castle Pool Toys Bouncer Outdoor
RRP: $349.95

Crazy Sales

5. A Rescue Puppy from RSPCA

Okay – big commitment here so don’t go in with your eyes closed, but nothing gets the kids (and you) outside like a dog.  Sure, they are loads of work – they chew everything and dig holes and shed fur and shit more than you can imagine! 

But the love you get back is so worth it!  Go visit your local Dog Shelter and give a dog a second chance for fantastic family life! Having a dog forces you to walk (so you get exercise!).  Having a dog means someone is always happy to see your face at the end of the day.

The Best Christmas Gifts To Get Kids OUT of the House! | Stay At Home Mum

PS: Never buy a pet for anyone else – that’s how animals end up in shelters in the first place!

Go to the RSPCA website to see what animals are available in your area.

6. A Basketball Hoop

I bought my boys a Basketball Hoop just this year – and they have spent countless hours out shooting hoops. It has been money well spent to get them off the screens and outside enjoying a bit of sun.

Kahuna Height-Adjustable Basketball Hoop for Kids and AdultsKahuna Heights Adjustable Basketball Hoop
RRP: $449.00

See Stockist ->
Mini Floor Basketball GameMini Floor Basketball Game
RRP: $80.00

See Stockist ->

This one is perfect for the little ones, and can be put anywhere!
Backyard, bedroom, garage, anywhere!

7. A Swing Set

Swing sets are just timeless and the kids will spend so much more time outside!

BoPeep Kids Slide Swing Basketball Ring Activity Center Toddlers Play Set  Pink | Crazy SalesBoPeep Kids Slide Swing Basketball Ring Toddlers Activity Centre
RRP: $174.99

Available in Amazon->

This cute swing will definitely keep the kids busy and out of the house!
Kidkraft Lawnmeadow Play centre – Swing and PlayKidskraft Lawnmeador Outdoor Swing Set
RRP: $799.00

See Stockist ->

A rock wall, swing, a slide, and a monkey bar?
This will keep the kids entertained for sure!

8. A Sand Pit

A sand pit is mandatory for little kids!  They are great fun, very textural for little hands, good for motor skills and all kids love to dig! 

Just make sure you keep it covered with a tarp or similar when you aren’t using them as cats like to shit in sandpits.  Having a shaded pit is also good to protect little kids from the sun.

Lifespan Kids Playfort Sandpit (Blue Canopy) | Lifespan KidsLifespan Kids Playfort Sandpit with Canopy
RRP: $549


This sandpit with a canopy is perfect for outdoor play for hours!
sand and water | Stay at Home Mum.com.auSand and Water Table
RRP: $64.95

Crazy Sales

9. Skate Board, Scooter or Roller Skates

All three are so in at the moment – and they are not only a great way to get the kids outdoors but playing with others as well.

Here are our picks!


Nitro Circus Skateboard Y - FlameNitro Circus 8″ Skateboard Y Flame
RRP: $79

See Stockist ->
Bluefire 46'' 118cm New Sealed Dancing Board Longboard Skateboard Light Up  Wheels - Kogan.comBluefire 46″ 118cm Longboard
RRP: $71.91

See Stockist ->


Infinity Scooters FR Series Revel Scooter - Blue/Black | Catch.com.auInfinity Scooter FR Series in Blue/Black
RRP: $199.95

See Stockist ->
Razor Power Core E90 Electric Scooter - Green | Catch.com.auRazor Power Core E90 Electric Scooter in Green
RRP: $312.55

See Stockist ->
Globber Go Up Comfort Lime GreenGlobber Go Up Sporty Toddler/Kids 15m+ Adjustable Push Scooter Ride On
RRP: $170.05

See Stockist ->

Roller Skates:

Infinity Soda Pop Roller Skates - Strawberry Slide Pink Glitter |  Catch.com.auInfinity Skates in Strawberry Slide
RRP: $119.95

See Stockist ->
Crazy Skate Co. Kids' 148 Adjustable Inline Skates - Teal Glitter |  Catch.com.auCrazy Skate Kids Adjustable Inline Skates
RRP: $99

See Stockist ->
knee pads | Stay at Home Mum.com.auKids Helmet, Knee Pads + Elbow Pads
RRP: $39.99

Crazy Sales

10. A Bike

Sure, I crashed a lot at first, and I can’t keep up with my husband and boys, but damn, it is exhilarating and I love that we can all do it! My boys just love it and get better every time we hit the trails!

paw patrol skye 30cm bike with handle Promotion OFF60%Paw Patrol Beginners Bike
RRP: $659
Stockist: Amazon

The Paw Patrol Skye Bike makes it much easier for children to enjoy riding a bike. As long as you have a parent-push bar and training wheels on the bike, your child will have the esteem they need to start rolling!
Trinx Junior 4.0 Bike 20 inch Shimano Gears 21-Speed Bicycle | Buy Kid's  Bikes - 9355764000065Trinx Junior 4.0 Bike with Shimano Gears
RRP: $199
Stockist: Kogan

The classic Trinx for your youngster! This one’s a great way to train ’em young especially if they are a huge fan of road cycling/road race.
S-Works Turbo Creo SL | Gloss Dusty Blue Pearl/ Satin Dusty Blue Pearl/ Satin CarbonSpecialized S-Works Turbo Creo SL
RRP: $21,200.00
Stockist: Specialized

 Got some good ideas on what to grab this year for the kids for Christmas?

The Best Christmas Gifts To Get Kids OUT of the House! Pinnable

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