Christmas Foot Print Penguin Painting

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Christmas Foot Print Penguin Painting

It’s always hard to find toddler and infant friendly Christmas activities- however, we’ve got the perfect one for you! These adorably awesome Christmas Foot print penguins were submitted by a crafty Canadian fan and we just love love love them!! If you are looking for a memorable way to capture those teeny feet in a clever and festive way, then this is a great one this weekend:

penguins 2Supplies:

  • Blank canvas print (any size will do depending on how big you want the picture)
  • Acrylic non toxic paint in white, blue, orange and black
  • White crayon
  • Gel Glue Glitter Pens


  • Paint 1/4 of the canvas white and the other 3/4 blue. Let the paint dry.
  • Mix black and white paint to make a gray and dab gently in circles to create the clouds. Let the paint dry.
  • Paint the kid’s feet with black. Use a brush to lightly paint a layer onto the feet. Make sure the paint covers all parts of the foot including the toes. Dab your child’s foot on the painting upside down. If you are working with an infant it may take two people to hold bub and his foot in place. Let the foot print dry.
  • Once the painting is dry you can make the penguin’s white tummy and face by following the outline of the foot with a white crayon. Once you have the outline, paint it in with white paint and let it dry
  • Once the body is dry, add two eyes and arms with black paint. Fix up any missed toes or mistakes with a fine paint brush. Add a small dab of orange paint for the nose.
  • To create a white Christmasy feel, dab a paint brush with white paint and ‘flick’ the brush onto the canvas.
  • Complete the canvas by adding a dab of sparkle. Use the glitter glue pens to hand write Merry Christmas (or any other message) and add embellishments as you see fit.

penguinsHints and Tips

  • When doing this with the kids you may want to have all the supplies ready to go before hand. Pick and choose what they can do. For example, you creative toddler will probably want to help with the paint flicking and perhaps with the first coat of white and blue but the fine details may be best left to mum.
  • Have a bowl of water or a bath running so as soon as you capture the black foot print on canvas, you can easily wash it off. That way you won’t be left with black foot prints all over the floor.





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Jessica Adams is a mum of two kids, Adelaide & Bowen. She lives in British Columbia, Canada and works part time at home as a massage therapist. On days off she likes to paint and have fun. The more sticky & messy the better the turnout!

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