11 Make or Bake Christmas PresentsCheap and Cheerful Christmas Gifts!

Christmas isn’t very far away – and if you are strapped for cash (I am ALWAYS broke this time of year) – then it is time to put your thinking cap on and think outside the square when it comes to gifts for Grandparents, bosses, friends and neighbours.


When I usually think of ‘make your own gifts’ – I’ll admit I think back to the gifts my children lovingly made for me that are really, quite crap.  But these are far from crap – in fact – I’d love you all to make something to me – post it to the address listed on the website hahaha. Anyway, we have 11 make or bake Christmas presents here that are not only really yummy but also real easy to make. Let’s get started!

1. Nuts and Bolts

Nuts and Bolts is a traditional savoury snack mix that uses cereals, nuts and curry powder to make a super delicious mix.  I make this for my Father every single year – best of all – you can make bulk lots in your slowcooker!

11 Bake and Make Christmas Gifts | Stay at Home Mum

Get the recipe HERE!

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