8 People Who Love Christmas Too MuchChristmas Is Great, But These People Have Taken It Too Far

Along with all of us ‘normal’ Christmas loving folks, there are those that take their Yuletide love too far. 

There aren’t too many people out there (grinches exempted) that don’t love the holiday season. Sure it’s stressful, busy and occasionally very expensive, but it’s a time to spend with friends and family, relax and enjoy the end of a successful year.

These are the people that just love Christmas too much. You can meet them, and learn about their unusual holiday behaviours, below.

1. People Who Dress To Impress

In our eyes, Christmas-themed clothing is only barely acceptable on the day itself, and certainly should not be overly worn on any day leading up to the holiday. But for some, their love of Christmas makes it impossible to stay away from the Christmassy fashions that make the day much special…to them at least.


Snapping a jaunty selfie is one for the books!


Frosty the Snowman was a jolly, topsy-turvy and naughty soul!


Make a scene with a vibrant, jovial and unrivalled haute couture OOTD


Christmas comes with the basics: 

Christmas jumpers and a pic with your two best friends.


 They would not call it CHRISTmas for no reason at all

2. The Christmas Hair-Raising Stylist 

Along with clothes, some people like to take their Christmas decorating to the next level by making themselves the vehicle of Christmas cheer. Sure, a sweater might bring a smile, but adding Christmas joy to your hairstyle (or beard style) is clearly the way to go if you love Christmas that much.


Bring Christmas to yer’ hommies with this ‘do!


Beard is rawer than pines for your Christmas tree!

And it grows all over the year.


 Have yourself a Christmas tree HAIR with Santa’s busy elves climbing up the peak

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