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We’re all aware of the traditional Advent Calendar that rewards you with sweet chocolate treats as you and your family countdown to Christmas.

If you’re looking for an alternative that your children will love, lasts a lot longer and is a great way to get them reading; then this Advent Calendar is for you.

If you are starting at the beginning of December, you will need to organise 24 books. This will have you finish the countdown on Christmas Eve. We are really lucky to have access to so many children’s books and you can pick up many of them for under $5. You also have the convenience of ordering them online if you are prepared a little earlier too.

When choosing the books you’d like to include, consider what your child enjoys. You can pick a theme in line with something they really like or; given it is Christmas, stick with books that are festively themed. Regardless, the options are endless and the perfect way to enjoy some quality time with your children reading in the lead up to the silly season.

Below is a list of my top 24 Christmas book picks. Some beautiful must haves for your children with some amazing and renowned authors such as Charles Dickens, Agatha Christie and Hans Christian Andersen.

1. A Christmas Carol (Charles Dickens)

The infamous Ebenezer Scrooge; a horrible old man, is visited by the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Future.

24 Christmas Books That Your Kids Will Love | Stay At Home Mum
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2. How the Grinch Stole Christmas (Dr. Seuss)

As always, this book delivers a subtle message about the real meaning of Christmas with wit and humour in a way only Dr. Seuss knows how.

24 Christmas Books That Your Kids Will Love | Stay At Home Mum
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3. The Polar Express (Chris Van Allsburg)

A gorgeous story about the anticipation of Christmas Eve waiting for Santa to arrive.

24 Christmas Books That Your Kids Will Love | Stay At Home Mum
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4. Frosty The Snowman (Jane Werner Watson)

A delightful imaginative tale about Frosty The Snowman coming to life.

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