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Strawberry Santa Clause

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Strawberry Santa Clause | Stay at Home MumStrawberry Santa Clause

Strawberry Santa’s are an incredibly easy, delicious, and fun Christmassy dish. Make them for a snack, dessert or just because.

  • 250g strawberries
  • Can of whipped cream or whipped cream and a piping bag (whichever you prefer)
  • Some sesame seeds or Choc Drops for decoration.

Wash and remove the green top from the strawberries, making sure the bottom is nice and flat to stand on.

Cut the tips off , then standing each on their large flat end apply a small squirt of cream, place the tip on top of the cream and then apply a tiny amount to the top for the Pom Pom on Santa’s hat.

Use three sesame seeds or choc drops for his eyes and mouth.

There you have it a plate full of Strawberry Santas

Thank you to Tam K for submitting this recipe and photo!

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