100 Christmas Gifts Under $10Have a cheap yet cheerful Christmas with these inexpensive gifts!

Can you smell Christmas in the air?

Christmas isn’t far away you know — so  we have compiled a list of over 100 Christmas Gift Ideas under $10 for Mum, for Dad, for Nana and Gramps or for anyone special in your life! Here at SAHM, we promote frugality (even at Christmas) because we have been there — stretching that Christmas shopping budget trying to make everyone fit on the list. It can be stressful!!! *rolls eyes* Just a reminder that it isn’t so much how much the gift costs, as the thought behind it that counts.


Gifts for Anyone:

  1. An alarm clock
  2. A paperback novel and bookmark
  3. New coffee cup filled with candied popcorn.
  4. A board game
  5. A pair of thongs, jiffies or slippers
  6. Crossword Puzzle Book
  7. Set of wooden spoons wrapped in a tea-towel
  8. Block of Chocolate wrapped in a tea-towel
  9. Suduko Game
  10. A magazine wrapped with a chocolate bar inside.
  11. Pack of playing cards
  12. Pack of Tarot Cards


For the Girls:

13. Set of nail polishes and nail polish remover.

14. A Shaving Kit (pink razors and some girly shaving cream)

15. Rockabilly Bandana or Headband.

16. Make some bath bombs at home (get the recipe here) and include some bubble bath or a candle.

  1. A set of lip balms (or make your own)
  2. Nail care set
  3. Bubble Bath or Bath Salts
  4. Goats Milk Soaps or handmade soaps
  5. Tube of hand moisturiser
  6. A handkerchief with the recipient’s name embroidered
  7. Make-up bag
  8. Make up brushes
  9. A Pedometer
  10. Coin purse
  11. A yoga mat
  12. Aromatherapy oils
  13. Eyelash curler
  14. Fancy shower cap

Hint:  Visit your local chemist and check out their bargain bins!  Most of the time it is just products they will no longer stock, so there is nothing wrong with it – and it is cheap as chips!

Edible Gifts:

  1. A bottle of homemade jam with the recipe attached.
  2. A selection of herbal teas in a teacup.
  3. A packet of gourmet coffee in a coffee cup
  4. Home made gourmet coffee mixes
  5. Candied Popcorn
  6. A coffee cup full of lollies
  7. Grab a pre-made jar of lemon curd and pack it with a pastry shell.
  8. Homemade chutney
  9. Tin of homemade biscuits
  10. Homemade Rum Balls always go down well!
  11. Cookies in a Jar
  12. A handful of chocolate bars with a ribbon wrapped around them
  13. A loaf of freshly baked bread wrapped in a tea towel with the recipe attached.
  14. Homemade salsa with a bag of cornchips
  15. Homemade fudge selection
  16. Lemon or Passionfruit butter

Ohh, we have a recipe section dedicated to edible gifts, too!


Hint: Another great place to find inexpensive gifts is your local cheap shop.  They quite often have great finds if you have a good look!

Home & Office Gifts

  1. A pretty diary (check out your local Newsagent)
  2. A fountain pen
  3. A packet of postcards from the persons favourite place ie London or Paris. They look great framed.
  4. A mini photo album
  5. A travel mug
  6. An address book
  7. A wall calendar
  8. Self Improvement Book
  9. Personalised post it notes

Hint:  Large stationery stores like Officeworks have discount bins – if you can put a few items together in a basket – it makes for an inexpensive gift that is useful too!

Outdoor Gifts

  1. A pair of gardening gloves and some seeds.
  2. A pot plant
  3. Car cleaning kit
  4. Golf tee’s
  5. Sun Hat
  6. Citronella Candles


The Gourmet Gift

  1. Salt and Pepper Shakers
  2. Selection of spices
  3. 1/2 kilogram bag of macadamia nuts
  4. A bottle of wine
  5. A Stubby Cooler
  6. A set of personalised coasters
  7. Fancy cloth napkins or doilies
  8. A cake or muffin tin
  9. Bottle Opening or corkscrew
  10. Set of shot glasses
  11. Sushi kit (bamboo roller, chopsticks, seaweed sheets)
  12. Set of Salad Spoons


Gifts for Mums and Grandma’s

  1. Writing set
  2. Your Mum’s favourite magazine wrapped around a chocolate bar
  3. A pretty apron and matching oven gloves
  4. Beautiful smelling candles
  5. Glass vase
  6. A satin pillowcase


Gifts for Dads and Grandfathers:

  1. A funny T-shirt
  2. A $10 Gift Certificate from his favourite store
  3. A deck of cards
  4. A set of shot glasses
  5. Stubby Cooler
  6. A gourmet beer
  7. Barbecue apron
  8. Barbecue tongs
  9. Boxer Shorts
  10. Socks
  11. Shower radio
  12. Shaving mirror

Want to be more extravagant for Dad? Here are awesome gift ideas. He totally deserves it!

Gifts for Little Kids

  1. A set of colouring in books and coloured pencils or crayons
  2. Make a big batch of play dough in different colours or even try making Edible Playdough
  3. A pack of coloured paper and a book of origami instructions
  4. A Paint by Number Kit
  5. A yoyo
  6. Water balloons
  7. A new beach towel (I’ve seen them on the Canningvale website under $10!)
  8. French Knitting Set
  9. Hair accessories
  10. Glow in the Dark stars for the ceiling of kids bedrooms.


Gifts for Grandparents

  1. Jigsaw puzzles
  2. Fluffy socks
  3. Picture frames with photo’s of the grandkids
  4. Sewing Kit
  5. Knitting needles and wool

Christmas Spirit Gifts

  1. Personalised Christmas Baubles
  2. Christmas themed serving bowl or plate
  3. Christmas cookie cutter set
  4. A snowglobe

What other Christmas gift ideas do you have?

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