100 Christmas Gifts Under $10Have a cheap yet cheerful Christmas with these inexpensive gifts!

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Can you smell Christmas in the air?

Christmas isn’t far away you know — so  we have compiled a list of over 100 Christmas Gift Ideas under $10 for Mum, for Dad, for Nana and Gramps or for anyone special in your life! Here at SAHM, we promote frugality (even at Christmas) because we have been there — stretching that Christmas shopping budget trying to make everyone fit on the list. It can be stressful!!! *rolls eyes* Just a reminder that it isn’t so much how much the gift costs, as the thought behind it that counts.



Gifts for Everyone

  1. An alarm clock
  2. A paperback novel and bookmark
  3. New coffee cup
  4. A board game
  5. A pair of thongs, jiffies or slippers
  6. Crossword Puzzle Book
  7. Suduko Game
  8. Pack of cards

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