25 Random Facts About Divorce and Separation Around the WorldHow Every Country Views Divorce and Separation

Divorce — the legal dissolution of one’s marriage to someone — may be normal in countries where it is legal, but did you know that there are countries which still do not allow this?

But, in some countries, divorce cases pile up in court so quickly that it becomes one of the more common lawsuits filed in court. Studies have also been made on the psychological, social, and even physical effects of divorce on men and women. Some couples even divorce because of ‘Facebook’. Here are 25 facts you might want to know about divorce and separation around the world.

1.  Having a multiple birth increases the risk of divorce by 17%.

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2. 6% of Western couples will marry, divorce then remarry each other.

3. Men are generally always financially better off than their wives after divorcing.

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4.  Women fare better emotionally after a divorce than their ex-husbands.

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5.  The average divorce will ‘age’ a person by 3 – 4 years.

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