25 Random Facts About Divorce and Separation Around the WorldHow Every Country Views Divorce and Separation

16. Arranged marriages and mail-order marriages are LESS likely to end in divorce than marriages overall.

17. Women re-marry on average after 3.1 years after a divorce.  Men take a bit longer to re-marry at 3.3 years.

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18. Your job apparently has an influence on whether or not you will get divorced.

If you are an agricultural engineer, sales person, nuclear engineer, optometrist or podiatrist, congratulations! You have the lowest rate of divorce. But look out if you are a dancer or choreographer, bartender or massage therapist, you have the highest chance of getting divorced!

19. The biggest cause of fights leading to divorce is over money.

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20. Women are more likely to gain weight after getting married, but men are more likely to gain weight after divorce.

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