Thinking of Separating? Grab this FREE Family Law Guide

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Thinking of Separating? Grab this FREE Family Law Guide
That’s it. You know the relationship is over. But what now? Separation and divorce is a daunting prospect, especially if there are kids involved. You need information on how to proceed.
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Family Law is complicated and can be a real maze. This free family law guide by Richardson Murray is to assist you to make the right decisions regarding formal separation and helps you gain an understanding and insight into how Family Law works in Australia.

What’s Covered in this Free Family Law Guide:

This free Family Law Guide by Richardson Murray has been put together to help you understand and navigate the family law system in Australia a little bit better.

The guide covers how to do about separation, things to consider when considering a separation, what you need to do legally and if you are going to proceed with a divorce, how to go about legal separation.

The Free Guide provides information on what you need to consider including:

  • Where will your children live, and who will take care of them?
  • How will you support yourself and the children.
  • Who will pay for outstanding debts or bills
  • Who gets to stay in the family home
  • How will the rent or mortgage now be paid.

Other information in the Free Family Law Guide includes:

  • Who gets the children?
  • How to formulate a parenting plan or consent order
  • Financial Support Information
  • Child Support Agreements
  • Property Division
  • Superannation
  • Spousal Maintenance

What About Family Violence and Separation?

The Free Family Law Guide also has a chapter addressing Family Violence in Australia and where to seek support.

Here s the copy of your Family Law Guide pdf | Stay at Home Mum.com.au

Facts on Divorce and Separation in Australia:

  • In 2019, there were 113,815 new marriages registered, and 49,116 divorces granted.
  • In 2019, there were 5,507 same-sex marriages (which equates to 4.8% of all marriages)
  • There are more female to female same sex marriages (58.9%) than male to male marriages (41.1%).
  • There is a 31.9% decrease in the total number of marriages
  • The average age for males getting married is 32.3 years (up from 31.5 years)
  • The average age for females getting married is 30.5 years (up from 29.2 years)


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