4 Ways To Say Don’t Bring Your Kids To My Wedding

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4 Ways To Say Don’t Bring Your Kids To My Wedding

Now before I get started. I had kids at my wedding.

Wait, let me clarify…I had my kids at my wedding.

I knew from the moment we set the date that I didn’t want any other kids there. Don’t get me wrong, I love kids, but they’re noisy, they cry, they fart, they are definitely not good when it comes to being quiet.

Let’s be honest, some of them are just downright little terrors – a bit like one of my Uncles. (Who was also not invited to my wedding).

So many people get offended when you ask them not to bring their little darlings to your wedding. Why? When it’s the bride and groom’s decision who they invite or not, shouldn’t people just respect their wishes?

So, how do you politely tell people not to bring their kids to your wedding? It’s actually simpler than you think! Here are four approaches that might work for you:

1. Be Honest

Honesty is the best policy!

“There is no way your kids are going to be quiet and behave enough for the ceremony.”

“We feel the atmosphere would be more romantic without the distraction of kids.”

“Nobody allowed under the age of 18 due to the excess alcohol that will be consumed.”

“You know Uncle Barry gets naked at weddings….best not to expose the kids to that!” – (Seriously, I can’t be the only one who has a family member that does this?!)

2. Lie

I’m not talking big massive whopping lies – just little white lies.

“The venue has recommended no children.”

“The Videographer has said for background noise kids are a hindrance.”

“The celebrant charges extra if there are kids involved.”

3. Reasoning

This can be used on people that grit their teeth at your request.

“Imagine this…the wedding cake is rolled out…all of a sudden little Emily thinks it’s a great idea to shove her hand into the side of the cake. Kids are quick – it happens! You don’t want to be the one with the kid who ruined all photo opportunities with the cake.” A bit harsh maybe?

“Wouldn’t you prefer to have a kid free night? Organising a babysitter means you will enjoy the night a lot more than if you bought the kids!”

“It’s a big day for everyone. What happens if the baby gets tired half way through the speeches?”

“As much as I love your kids, I don’t want to share the dance floor with them; you know how I dance. I don’t want to kick them in the face!”

4. Be Strategic 

This is the option I chose for some people, and they were none the wiser about it – until now!

“Of course we want you both in the bridal party! Although you will have to get a babysitter as there won’t be anyone there to watch the kids for you.”

“We are having a location wedding. We are going to Fiji!”

Remember, at the end of it all it’s your day!

I always figured family and friends should accept your decision and be grateful that they are invited. If somebody cracks up, revoke their invitation. You don’t need negativity on a day that is meant to be happy and blissful. A real friend will understand your request and a true friend will respect it!

Did you have kids at your wedding? Or were no kids allowed? Join the conversation about it in our Ask SAHM forum!

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