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Easter craft is just fun, for kids and adults, particularly when it’s a craft as cute and simple as these Easter Bunny Treat Jars. We whipped these up in no time for our Easter celebration, and you could do the same. They’re great for theming your home, or giving your Easter that little personal touch!

  • Clean mason jars
  • Paint (we’ve chosen an acrylic-based paint)
  • Paint brush
  • Easter sticker
  • Speckled Eggs or your Easter treats of choice


  1. Take the clean mason jars and place the Easter sticker(s) the outside of the jar
  2. Paint the jar with the desired colour and type of paint. Depending on the type of paint, you may need to do a few coats.
  3. When the paint is still slightly wet, peel the sticker(s) off carefully.
  4. Pour Speckled Eggs or other Easter Treats inside
  5. Your Easter Bunny Treat Jars are done!

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