6 Chocolate-Free Ideas for EasterFun Easter Twists Without the Chocolates.

Not everyone wants to load their kids up with their own weight’s worth of chocolate and have them power-spewing all night whilst running around in their undies cause they are on a sugar-high….


Now I’m not going to be a party pooper here – chocolate is fine to give out at Easter, but if you are looking for more alternatives, then this is the article for you my friend!


1. Winter Pyjamas

Yep an oldie but a goodie.  Winter pyjama’s are the perfect gift for kids. Think snuggly cutie-patootie outfits that will keep them warm in the mornings (because most kids won’t wear a dressing gown…).  Flanelette is always the most popular choice.

Here are some of our favourite options:

Other alternatives to pyjamas (but in the same realm) include:

  • Fluffy Winter Socks
  • New Slippers


2. A New Mug Just for Them

After all, Winter is Coming!!!  Having their very own mug for hot chocolate is a good addition to their Easter gifts, and you can’t eat them and make yourself sick…


3. A Peter Themed Rabbit Item

Nawwww good ole Peter Rabbit.  A favourite from our childhood – and there is soooo much STUFF you can now buy branded Peter Rabbit.  Totes Adorbs!


4.  Stuffed Bunny

With garlic and butter… Hmmmm delicious!  But seriously, if your little one is little, there are some super cute stuffed bunnies available now!


5.  An Egg Cup


6.  Easter Shirt

What other chocolate-free ideas for Easter do you have in mind? Share it with us!

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