6 Crafty Things To Do Over Easter

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6 Crafty Things To Do Over Easter

6 Crafty Things To Do Over Easter

Easter is perhaps one of the most beloved holidays.

With the weather cooling down and the darker mornings, you know winter is just around the corner! This is perhaps the reason why many choose this holiday to bring out their creative side.

As a mum, you know how much Easter is anticipated each year, especially by the little ones. If you are looking to create many wonderful memories for your children to cherish and look back on when they grow up, you should consider Easter-inspired crafts.

Here Are 6 Crafty Things To Do Over Easter!

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1. Easter Basket and Eggs

Because it certainly would not be Easter without these items and you can make them special by decorating them. For starters, the baskets can be tied with colourful ribbons and the insides cushioned by strips of old newspapers or magazines. On the other hand, the eggs can be painted or dyed so they would be of different colours. Draw dots or other cute images or put stickers and personalise the baskets and eggs for a more fun look.

2. Easter Costume

Crafty things to do over easter? You can go the simple route by creating headbands with bunny ears or go all out and dress your kids as rabbits or even eggs! You would actually be surprised with what a glue gun, construction paper and coloured markers can do. Encourage the other adults to wear accessories as well.

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3. Easter Decorations 

To make sure everyone enjoys your Easter get-together, you should make an effort to make your home look as festive as possible. Your decorations need not be over the top. For example, the dining table can feature napkins folded like bunny rabbits, eggshell votives and Easter egg-inspired name cardholders. The rest of your home can be decorated by rabbit-shaped garlands and balloons with polka dot stickers, resembling Easter eggs. Simple yet effective crafty things to do over easter!

4. Easter Food

Many people make the mistake of not paying much attention to the food since they thought the egg-hunting and other games are the highlights of the holiday. You have to make sure your food presentation complements everything else. Try adding bunny-shaped toppers to the cupcakes or offering flower-shaped cookies.

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5. Easter Giveaways

To make this holiday even more memorable, you should come up with unique party favours such as egg-shaped chocolates or decorated buckets filled with leftovers. Your guests will remember how fun and festive your party was even when they get home.

6. Set up an Easter crafts table.

If you had fun with all these Easter crafts, then consider setting up a table where your guests can also share in the enjoyment. Provide plenty of materials like crayons, paints, cardboard, craft paper, scissors, glues, stickers, glitters and ribbons. If someone in your family is an artist, ask them to consider doing face painting.

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Crafty Things to Do Over Easter

Keep in mind the materials should always be:


To honour the vivid and vibrant spring colours.


If possible, opt to recycle and re-use.


Think old egg cartons, newspapers and magazines, dried up leaves and twigs.


They will be worn or used by kids so better make sure they are clean and toxin-free.

If you are looking to have a memorable Easter, you should realise it will not be complete without these great crafts ideas. Plan ahead so you would not need to rush or go over your budget. Ask the other family members to help out.

This could add to the wonderful memories you are sure to create with the amazing effort and hard work you put in to make this Easter holiday really enjoyable. Happy Easter!

6 Crafty Things To Do Over Easter | Stay At Home Mum
Crafty Things to Do Over Easter

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