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Stay At Home Mum’s Easter section is all about celebrating Easter in style and with being frugal in mind! We prepared many Easter recipes for you as well as activities to try during the holiday.

10 Fun Easter Games for Kids

Keep the Easter fun going!

Easter Cupcakes

Simple and Adorable Easter Bunny Treat Jars

Easter Craft

Easy Peasy DIY Glass Easter Basket

An Easter craft even your littlest can help make!

6 Crafty Things To Do Over Easter

Yay Easter craft!

15 Awesome Easter Bonnets For Inspiration

Try your hand at these super cute Easter bonnets!

Surprise-Inside Paper Easter Bunnies

Super Simple Easter Craft!

Burning Off Your Easter Treats

Just How Long Does It Take To Work Off Your Chocolate Goodies

20 Easy Easter Crafts For Kids

From decors to wearable, we have the perfect Easter crafts for your kids

Easter Egg Decorating Tricks

With Easter coming up these tricks are sure to come in handy

Get Egg-cited for Easter

See what we did there...?

20 Amazing Facts About Hot Cross Buns To Read While You Enjoy One This Easter

These tasty Easter favourites were once believed to prevent shipwrecks and kitchen fires..

How to Make Decorated Eggs for Easter

Take your eggs one step further with these easy to do crafts

Marshmallow Eggs

An awesome chocolate-free Easter idea!

Chocolate Hot Cross Buns

They aren't hard to make at home!

Silk Dyed Eggs for Easter

5 Creative Easter Hats

Chilli Chocolate Easter Egg Pops

Will get your kids poppin' during Easter.