Fathers Day Party Themes

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Fathers Day Party Themes

Want to do something different for Dad this year? Why not throw a party in his honour on his special day? Father’s day is all about spending the day with Dad and letting him know how much you appreciate his hard work. So give him a day to remember (and relax) with these easy Father’s Day themed party ideas:

Beer and Wine Tasting

Sure, you can visit a brewery and pay a fortune to sample several different types of beers, or you can host your own creative beer and wine tasting festival in your own backyard! If you have a group of friends, then have each wife bring a different bottle of wine or case of beer to the party (plan ahead so you don’t all end up with a case of XXXX and a cheap bottle of Sav Blanc). Then, place covers over the different beers and wines and let your guests ‘guess’ the different variations. This is a great way to learn more about the tastes of beer and wine all the while celebrating Dad with family and friends. You may want to include a prize for the winning guesser as well.

Banquet Night

Another great way to celebrate the Dads in your life is to host a banquet night. Set up tables in the backyard cabaret style and invite your in-laws, parents, brothers, cousins, neighbours and any other great dads you know. If the numbers get too large, look into hiring a hall or other venue and splitting the cost. Set up mock awards to suit the personalities of the different Dad’s in honour and include funny speeches.

Man Made Movie Night

Host a classic movie night by hiring three of Dad’s top movies. Then sit down and watch them (yes, that means watching all the Rocky movies and without cringing or complaining once!). It’s a tough gig, we know, but it’s only for one day!

Backyard Camping

Taking the weekend to go away on a camping trip for Dad’s special day is one of the most popular trends for Father’s Day and many parks and hotels will offer special’s for the first weekend in September. However, even with the specials, the costs can get up there and you may not have a spare few hundred bucks to spend on fuel, food, equipment and more. So, why not host a backyard camping session instead? Set up chairs in the back yard to watch the stars at night; dine on sausages and two minute noodles on a picnic blanket outside and tell stories rather than flicking on the television. If you’re up for it, you can even create a ‘tent’ inside with blankets draped over furniture. But our guess is that Dad will probably opt to sleep in his own bed”¦.

Sports Fanatic Frenzy

Does your dad have a favourite sports team? Whether he cheers for the Broncos, the Socceroos’ or the Swans, show him you support his colours by throwing a backyard barbeque in honour of his team.

Super Dad Party

Show Dad that he’s the family hero with a super hero themed party. You can get cheap super hero costumes for the kids (and adults) online, in op shops and at speciality craft stores across Australia. Serve some super foods to go with your super party as well as Superman decorations. And, best of all, you can save the party favours and decorations for your son’s next birthday party. Double win!


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