Fun things to do with DadFathers day is close!

Father’s Day is the perfect time to show Dad just how much he’s appreciated and let everyone know that your Dad is the best!

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Dad’s Party

It’s Dad’s day to be the centre of attention and what better way to do that than to throw him a ‘Father’s Day’ Party?

  • Have a breakfast party. If dad’s favourite meal of the day is breakfast, why not have a party that serves all of his favourite breakfast dishes?
  • Have a dessert party if dad has a sweet tooth. Have a dessert bar with all of his favourites. Serve his favourite ice cream at the party with a variety of toppings he can choose to top off his dessert. Bake his favourite cake or other dessert he enjoys.
  • The kids can also act out a play showing why the favourite things they love about dad and act it out or it can be a comedy and they can act out all of dad’s funny (or annoying) habits.
  • Let the kids sing or have a concert for dad using instruments or household items you have that can “make” music.
  • Is dad king of the castle at your house? Have a “Dad is King” party where he’ll be treated like royalty. Roll out a red carpet for him and signal his entrance by blowing some party horns. Drop a bag of confetti on him or release some balloons around him. Let him feast on his favorite food and relax while he gets the royal treatment with things like foot rub and back massage, Have the kids make him a crown to wear.
  • Is dad more like a superhero? Have a “Superhero” party including a cape for dad, maybe a mask, a superhero cake, watch his favourite superhero cartoon or movie and play some games. You can print out a comic book cover on edible printing paper and place it on the cake, too.
  • Is dad a sports fan? Have a party with a “sports theme” and don’t forget to award him a trophy, plaque or medal. Take him to the park for the party and play his favorite sport with him. Sign a ball or bat that says it belongs to world’s best dad.

Places To Take Dad

Prefer to get out of the house? There’s plenty to do on Father’s Day if dad wants to celebrate outside of the house.

  • Take Dad to the Zoo11Take dad to the park and play games with him, BBQ or have a picnic there.
  • Take him fishing if he likes to fish and make a new personalised fishing hat.
  • Go to the beach. Stock a bucket with a shovel, sunscreen, a book he would like if he likes to read and some bubbles. He can make sand castles and blow bubbles with the kids.
  • Take him to the movies if there’s a movie he’s dying to see.
  • Take him to the zoo or the aquarium.
  • Take him camping.
  • Treat him out to dessert at an ice cream shop or bakery.
  • Feed him at his favourite restaurant or a restaurant he wants to try.

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