Felt Christmas Trees That Kids Can Make!

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Felt Christmas Trees are a simple and frugal way for you and the kids to have fun and decorate your home!

To make felt trees you will need:

  • A brown piece of felt for the tree trunk
  • A yellow piece of felt for the star on top (optional)
  • Some green pieces of felt for the tree
  • Hot glue or craft glue
  • Assorted buttons, stars or sequins


  1. Cut the green pieces of felt in half and draw or trace a Christmas tree.
  2. From the brown fabric cut the tree trunks. Roughly 1″ x 2″.
  3. Cut 4 stars shapes from the yellow fabric.
  4. Assemble trees using glue.
  5. Let the kids go wild with buttons and sequins till the tree is completed.

Click here for a helpful guide!

Source: www.easypeasyandfun.com

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