Groom Your Guy in A Timeless Piece!

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Groom Your Guy in A Timeless Piece!

Every person “” man or woman “”should own a watch.

Watches make excellent gifts for Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries as well as just-because gifts. Watches make the perfect gift for your guy, no matter the occasion.

But if you want to go a step further, don’t stop at purchasing just any old watch””stick to those timeless pieces that will add style, elegance and class to your guy’s wardrobe.

Let’s take a closer look at some great timeless watch piece options that will have your guy looking amazing whenever he checks the time.

Fob Watch/Pocket Watch

A fob watch it the fancy term for a pocket watch.

Fob watches have a long and stories history that dates all the way back to the 1500s, when they were popular among the upper classes.

Early fob watches were created due to the popularity of waistcoats, which made it possible to carry watches inside pockets to keep them safe. Eventually, their design became even more rounded and smooth in order to make sure they could easily fit inside waistcoat pockets. Fob watches were the most popular type of wait until WWI, when the wristwatch was developed and supplanted it in popularity.


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Today, however, the classic and timeless design of the fob watch has made them an attractive option for anyone who wants to hold a piece of timeless history in their pocket. Fob watches come in many different shapes and styles for modern men, ranging from materials such as gold and silver and striking colours such as black, gold, and everything in between. If you want your guy to look and feel completely classic, this is one type of watch you’ll definitely want to add to his wardrobe.

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Dress Watches

Dress watches are slim, elegant and classic look wrist watches that are designed to complement formal wear without standing out too much. Dress watches aren’t particularly concerned with telling time””some of them don’t even have second hands; the primary goal of a dress watch is to simply look good with formal wear. If your guy ever attends formal events, then he’ll definitely need a great looking dress watch to help him look his best all night long.

Watches: Groom Your Guy in a Timeless Piece!

Field Watches

Field watches are wrist watches that are designed to be highly accurate; field watches typically have a durable, almost rugged appearance which makes them great for guys who want something that is timeless but doesn’t appear to be too fancy. Best of all, field watches are designed to be extremely durable, so your guy won’t have to worry about it breaking anytime soon. Field watches come in an array of different colours, but darker colours such as black, dark brown and dark army green are the most popular colours for this type of watch style.

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Everyone should own at least one watch but with the array of watches now available a watch for every different type of social event is possible “”and if you want your guy to look his best all year round start with a timeless piece from www.fobandco.com.au that will take his wardrobe to the next level. 

Watches: Groom Your Guy in a Timeless Piece!

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