This Double Vision Makeup Look is Perfect for Halloween!If You Want to Give Somebody a Headache!

Seeing double? Nope. It’s not you. It’s her — and her double vision makeup look — and it’s amazingly creepy!

A make up transformation is sweeping the internet especially this Halloween season — something that would either make people dizzy or even cringe — just perfect for Halloween! So you want to know how to do this?

Here is a tutorial video made by Promise Phan, “Tammy”, a talented makeup artist who transformed her face into a trippy “double vision” illusion. You don’t need to spend on costumes this season. With just a few dabs, your desired Halloween look is done!


Tammy admitted that after all the makeup was applied, she had a bit of a headache. So, instead of looking at herself in the mirror, she went out and scared neighbours — bahahahaha! This video has now over 22 MILLION views inspiring Halloween enthusiasts across the world.

Would you wear this make up for Halloween?This Double Vision Makeup Look is Perfect for Halloween! | Stay At Home Mum

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