Internet Mail Order BridesThe truth behind the growing mail order bride industry

Some people will go to any lengths to find love, they will even trek to the most remote reaches of Russia and Ukraine to find it.

Each year thousands of Aussie blokes, who have had enough of the bolshie Sheilas at the local pub, will take to the internet in search of a life-partner, and believe it or not, there are women whose quest in life is to find these men.

In fact, finding a bride on the internet, from a foreign country, is becoming one of the fastest growing industries in the world, even featuring on the controversial television series, Orange Is the New Black. And, it’s worth millions!

Here is a list of facts you may not know about the mail order bride industry..

The internet is the driving force.

Marriage agencies are a huge business, especially with the capabilities of the internet now connecting individuals from every corner of the globe with the click of a button.
In many areas, suitable marriage partners are not available or finding a suitable bride can be difficult. Because of this, more and more men are turning to internet mail order services to find a mate to settle down. However, these online mail order services are not “selling” brides. The brides themselves are willingly posting their picture, as well as their interests and the countries they are interested in living, and finding love.

They are called Marriage Agencies, not mail order!

Two types of “international marriage agencies” exist. The first type sells female client’s contact information and encourages men and women to approach prior to meeting. The second type offers “group tours”. Here, men can travel to foreign countries and meet several women at parties and events organised by the agency. If an Australian male wishes to use the first option, he must supply mental health information and criminal history, and, if they do make a match, he will eventually be required to meet the bride in person before she can obtain a visa.

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Brides use the service from around the world.

Traditionally, Russian or Asian women were associated with the mail order bride industry. However, in today’s world, brides from all over the world willingly post themselves looking for husbands. Women in Eastern Europe, the UK and The US have all been picking up in popularity.

Men see it as an escape.

Okay, so I have a story that I read in reddit. It goes as…This was years ago when I worked as a porn star for two years. One of the regulars that came in was a well-off gay man in his late 40’s. One day, he told me (out of the blue) that he wouldn’t be in for a week, as he was going to his wife’s home country to attend a funeral.

I was amazed to hear the word “wife” because he always spoke about his live-in boyfriend all the time. He further said that his family were very strict Christians, and he felt that being gay would break his family’s heart, so he got a mail order bride and married her. She lives in an addition he built onto his house, and all he asked initially was that she keep up the house, cook his and his boyfriend’s meals, and generally keep up appearances when his family came to visit. When his family comes to visit, his boyfriend claims to be the one that lives in the addition. She now works after he helped her go back to school. She has a great boyfriend that she loves a lot and a wonderful good life.

How nice is that?

The women are seriously educated.

Many of the women who sign up for mail order bride services have excellent education – some even have degrees. In many cases, the women are career oriented, and often times live in countries where there are simply not enough men in the population as potential husbands.

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