Local VS Outlander: How to Choose a Photographer for Samui Wedding Shooting

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Local VS Outlander: How to Choose a Photographer for Samui Wedding Shooting

The best way to keep pleasant memories in your mind is to take photos.

Having a camera in your gadget doesn’t guarantee you perfect shots. However, when travelling to Samui, you deserve the best pictures with pleasant tropical views. Catching a lovely sunset or calm waves of the gulf is probably what you want to have on your pictures.

So, there is a question to answer: how to choose a photographer for Samui shooting?

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Local VS Outlander

If you decided to visit Samui, you are coming here either for a vacation or a festive event:

  • Wedding;
  • Honeymoon;
  • Proposal;
  • Romantic trip;
  • Birthday;
  • Anniversary, etc.

To commemorate this moment, you can ask Samui wedding photographer to make a photo shooting. However, the choice between a local or your own specialist may be difficult. Each option has its advantages.

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Local photographer:

+ has official permission for work in Thailand

+ knows the place better;

+ does not require paying for a road;

+ does not need accommodation.

Your own photographer:

+ has a fresh look at the city;

+ you get an expected result.

However, we encourage you to consider the locals not only because you can save a lot on such an option, but you will have a chance to get completely another experience and fresh view on your personality.

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How to Choose a Wedding Photographer

If you selected Thailand as a wedding destination or even stopped your choice on Koh Samui wedding, you will not regret it. After choosing a place and a bride’s wedding dress, the selection of a wedding photographer is probably the most important decision to make.

In addition to professional skills, it is also important to consider the artistic style of a certain specialist and the price for his services. It is better to start looking for a specialist 6-12 months before the wedding because a good photographer should be scheduled well in advance. Here are some points to consider before to make a final choice:

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  1. Portfolio: you can find possible ideas for wedding photography from different sources, as well as from the portfolio of the selected specialist.
  2. Experience: it greatly affects his ability to manage stressful situations.
  3. Quality: clarity, brightness, color saturation “” these and other points are important for good pictures.
  4. Price: it should now be very low. A good professional is usually worth his costs.
  5. Trust and sympathy: choose the photographer that you like most. It will be comfortable for you to work with a nice and pleasant person.

In Conclusion

Arranging your wedding on Koh Samui will leave you plenty of memorable impressions and will be a good start of the joint life. Wedding photography is an important part of the ceremony, so take your time to prepare for it. We wish you many happy returns of the moment and nice professional pictures.

Local VS Outlander: How to Choose a Photographer for Samui Wedding Shooting

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