How To Make Your Man Feel Special This Father’s Day

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How To Make Your Man Feel Special This Father’s Day

Dads are a special breed.

They may not notice when the house looks like a hurricane has whipped through it or be able to find something that is staring them right in the face or feed and bath the kids as much as we would like.

But, they are the ones who can talk the kids into smiling when they are in the middle of a meltdown, the ones we throw the kids at the minute they walk through the door at witching hour and more often than most of us would care to admit they are the priority that gets pushed way down the list.

And, they never complain about it.

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Mum’s get most of the credit a lot of the time but the calming factor that Dad brings can never be discounted.

A cynical person might say that occasions such as Father’s day were only created by the retail sector to boost sales and that we should celebrate our significant others every day, not just once a year. But sometimes the reality is that the daily grind gets us and we don’t do this as often as we should.

Father’s Day allows us a perfect opportunity to take a breath, make Dad feel special and reward him for his role as a Father even if he doesn’t expect it.

The Australian Retailers Association reports that the most purchased father’s day gifts are: shavers, deodorant, aftershave, socks and wallets. Yeah, I get it. I’m also a practical gift giver but these are the things that could make anyone yawn.

My partner NEVER buys these kind of things when he needs them so gifting for Father’s Day makes perfect sense.

Purchasing these gifts ensures you get the “Cool, I needed these.” response. But does it make him feel special? Sadly, the answer is no.

May we suggest some thoughtful ways to make your man feel special this father’s day.

These are great options for granddads, too!

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Make a Memory

Any mother or father will tell you they would love a guilt-free kid-free day to really recharge but when that’s not an option, why not plan enjoyable day out with the family rather than the traditional “because he needs it” gift? A day at the beach, a peaceful walk in the park and a picnic in a beautiful, new place or letting Dad choose the day’s activities for once are great ways to create beautiful family memories.

Worried that the lack of Wifi won’t placate your YouTube addicted 6-year-old or that you’ll both just end up as packhorses for the 2 under 2? I feel ya. Perhaps leave the bushwalk with no Wi-Fi until the kids are a little older. Don’t despair though, there are plenty of other ways to make Dad feel special!

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You can order this pretty keepsake box here.

Photo Gifts

Photo gifts are always, yes ALWAYS a treasured gift, particularly because it’s not something Dad would think to buy himself. A thoughtful photo gift of an amazing memory is the gift that keeps on giving, delighting Dad every time he looks at it. An added bonus is that when the kids grow up and grow an attitude, it can remind him of those blissful times before they could talk back! Hah!

Photo gifts don’t have to be limited to a mug or mouse pad. Evolving technology means that photos can be printed on literally any surface these days. Photos printed on timber will last a lifetime as well as being more aesthetically pleasing than canvas or the usual man cave décor.

You can check out some unique and amazing photo gifts here!

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Check out more personalised photo blocks here!

3. Useful AND Sentimental Gifts

Who said gifts for Dad can’t be a combination of the practical and the sentimental? Why not take an item you know he will use and make it extra special by adding a cute and personalised message.

A hammer engraved with “Thank you for building us a beautiful life” or “Daddy I can’t wait to build memories with you” is sure to bring a tear to the eye of even the most macho Dad. Other useful personalised gift suggestions include a pocket knife, phone holder, wallet card, BBQ board, clocks or even that dreaded personalised man cave sign.

You can view a huge range of personalised gifts here.

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More cake toppers to choose from HERE!

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If you like this chopping board, you can order HERE.

So before you rush out to buy a new razor and some socks, remember the old saying you attract more bees with honey. Shower Dad with meaningful, thoughtful gifts and make sure he feels appreciated. The more appreciated he feels the more help you might get with the housework!

Oh and don’t forget the Grandfathers, the cuter the gift the more likely they are to give you some of that guilt-free, kid-free time”¦

Have you thought of a gift for your granddad, dad and hubby?

Make Your Man Feel Special This Father's Day | Stay at Home Mum.com.au

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